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05 Jun 2018 description

By Marian Amaka Odenigbo, Elena Bertusi and Narciso Manhenje

Producers in Montepuez District, Cabo Delgado Province (northern Mozambique) and members of Wapaja Hiliyale Farmer Field School are expanding their production areas, improving yields, incomes, and ensuring food security all-year-round. Since 2016, the national public extension services through the PSP project are integrating nutrition education within the Farmer Field School Groups (FFS), thus contributing to improved nutritional status of the most vulnerable groups, such as children and pregnant women.

30 Jan 2017 description

Rome, 27 January 2017 – Investing in the resilience of smallholder farmers is more important than ever if we are to maintain the food security gains now being threatened by the after effects of El Niño and La Niña. That’s the message, Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will bring to the Presidents of Mozambique and Malawi on his visit to the two countries, from 30 January to 1 February and from 1 to 3 February, respectively.

31 Dec 2016 description

The purpose of this study is to map nutrition-sensitive interventions in IFAD-funded projects in the ESA region, and to provide guidance for effective nutrition mainstreaming operations.

The specific objectives are to:

(1) map the various interventions used in delivering nutrition-sensitive activities;

(2) identify pathways for nutrition outcomes;

(3) evaluate the scale and scope of intervention implementation;

(4) assess the effect of the project on beneficiaries;

19 Jan 2016 description

As climate change continues to devastate rural farming, one IFAD project is using stem plantation to help farmers adapt.

14 January 2016 – João Marcus Costa is a cassava farmer from Manjacaze, Mozambique. Like many Mozambican farmers, João's small cassava field used to face constant threats from drought, disease and pests. Even when he did manage to successfully harvest his cassava, he then faced additional challenges trying to get his cassava to market due to poor transportation. Fortunately now, however, the situation is beginning to change for João.

07 Dec 2015 description

París, 7 de diciembre de 2015. El Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA), en un nuevo informe, afirma que para ayudar a los pequeños agricultores a hacer frente al cambio climático no basta con limitarse a reaccionar a sus efectos adoptando soluciones a corto plazo.

07 Dec 2015 description

Paris, le 7 décembre 2015: Selon un nouveau rapport du Fonds international pour le développement agricole (FIDA), les solutions curatives à court terme ne sont pas suffisantes pour aider les petits exploitants agricoles à faire face au changement climatique.

07 Dec 2015 description

Paris, 7 December 2015: Short-term, reactive solutions are not enough to help smallholder farmers cope with climate change, according to a new report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

“If we are going to sustainably improve the livelihoods of the developing world’s smallholder farmers in the context of a changing climate, we need to ensure that their priorities are understood and reflected in policies,” says IFAD’s Vice President Michel Mordasini.

04 Dec 2014 description

Smallholder farmers are more than climate victims – says IFAD report

Lima, Peru – 3 December 2014 - Smallholder farmers in developing countries are more than victims of climate change; they are a vital part of the solution to global warming, according to a report from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

10 Jun 2013 description

The first project to include funds from IFAD’s new Adaptation for Smallholder Programme (ASAP) was officially launched on 17 April 2013 in XaiXai, Gaza Province of Mozambique. The Pro-poor Value Chain Development Project in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors of Mozambique (PROSUL) will reach 19,550 smallholder farmers in the southern provinces of Gaza, Inhambane and Maputo, and work to improve yields, quality and sustainability of production in the irrigated horticulture, cassava and red meat value chains.

ASAP will provide USD 4.91 million to establish:

04 Oct 2012 description

Smallholders in Maputo and Limpopo Corridors to benefit from value chain development project

19 Feb 2011 description

Le Président du FIDA Nwanze exhorte les leaders politiques des 167 Pays Membres à se concentrer sur la jeunesse pour construire une économie rurale dynamique

Rome, le 19 février 2011 - «L´Afrique possède les territoires et les personnes pour développer un système agricole capable de produire assez de surplus pour assurer la sécurité alimentaire mondiale dans les décennies à venir », a dit ce matin Kofi Annan, président de l'Alliance pour une Révolution Verte en Afrique (AGRA) lors de la conférence annuelle du FIDA (Fonds International de Développement Agricole).

Kofi Annan, …

19 Feb 2011 description

IFAD President Nwanze urges policy leaders from 167 Member States to focus on young people to build vibrant rural economies

Rome, 19 February 2011 - Africa has the land and the people to develop an agricultural system that can provide enough surplus to ensure global food security in decades to come, Kofi Annan, Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), said this morning at the annual meeting of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Annan, a former United Nations Secretary-General, said that good progress towards this goal is already being …

16 Nov 2009 description

Responsables des projets et programmes, experts du développement agricole et rural et fonctionnaires du FIDA discutent de l'accès au marché et de l'intégration de l'agiculture et de l'élevage comme moyens d'améliorer la productivité agricole.

Bujumbura, le 16 novembre 2009. Le Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) organise du 16 au 19 novembre 2009 à Bujumbura, Burundi, un atelier régional sur l'exécution de ses projets et des programmes en Afrique de l'Est et Australe.

22 May 2009 description



Over the past 12 months, large-scale acquisitions of farmland in Africa, Latin America, Central Asia and Southeast Asia have made headlines in a flurry of media reports across the world. Lands that only a short time ago seemed of little outside interest are now being sought by international investors to the tune of hundreds of thousands of hectares. And while a failed attempt to lease 1.3 million ha in Madagascar has attracted much media attention, deals reported in the international press constitute the tip of the iceberg.

17 Sep 2008 description

Press release No.: IFAD/43/08

Rome, 17 September 2008 - A $31.1 million loan to the Republic of Mozambique from IFAD will enable smallholders to increase their agricultural incomes by marketing their surpluses more profitably.

15 Sep 2008 description

Press release No.: IFAD/42/08

IFAD's Executive Board concludes meeting in Rome

Rome, 15 September 2008 - IFAD's Executive Board approved more than US$177.41 million in loans and US$60.235 million in grants for twelve programmes and projects that will improve the lives of the rural poor in developing countries.

The 94th session of the Board, which met in Rome from 10-11 September, approved an additional US$5.01 million in grants to support agricultural research and development activities.

Western and Central Africa: US$28.39 million in loans and US$9.07 million in …

26 Apr 2008 description

The prices of basic food commodities have increased rapidly over the past three years. In only the first quarter of 2008, wheat and maize prices increased by 130 percent and 30 percent respectively over 2007 figures. Rice prices, while rising moderately in 2006 and more so in 2007, rose 10 percent in February 2008 and a further 10 percent in March 2008. The threat to food security in developing countries increases in stride. Coordinated action by the international community, and by the United Nations in particular, is essential.

29 Jan 2007 description


Rome, 29 January 2006 - Approximately 140,000 rural households in Mozambique will participate in a new country-wide development programme to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. Over the next eight years, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will work with the country's public and private sector, including non-governmental organizations and farmers' groups, to increase rural incomes and to help make poor families in Mozambique more food secure.

The US$50.82 million Agricultural Support Programme (ASP) will be partly financed by a …

21 Apr 2006 description

US$150.5 million to combat rural poverty

Rome, 21 April 2006 - The 87th session of IFAD's Executive Board approved US$145.6 million in loans to support rural development programmes and projects in nine countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, the Congo, India, Madagascar, Maldives, Mozambique, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.