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14 Sep 2017 description

Tanzania - Seated on a boulder, under a tree, near the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma - a lake port city in Tanzania - Samaya Yusuf looks around her with suspicion as she narrates her story to the IOM, the UN Migration Agency team. She has a gentle smile. Every now and then, she interlocks her fingers and pulls them apart as she tells her story. Two children are seated next to her. One hers and the other her niece. With the innocence of a child, they are oblivious of their fate. Life has been unbearably hard for them the past few days.

24 May 2017 description

Switzerland - 2015 was the year of hope for the global migration and humanitarian communities.

That year, we saw the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development call for effective measures and strengthened support to empower displaced people and migrants as part of a broader commitment “to leave no one behind”. This was important progress on the Millennium Development Goals which had nothing to say about migration, let alone the contribution it can make to resilience or sustainable development.

19 May 2017 description

Mozambique - Children living with albinism in Southern Africa face discrimination and abuse, often culminating in abduction, murder or human trafficking. The abuse is linked to the belief that body parts of persons with albinism could produce wealth and good luck when used in witchcraft potions.

14 Feb 2017 description

United Republic of Tanzania - The Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Department, in close collaboration with IOM, has launched a biometric registration system for irregular migrants in the country’s Tanga region.

06 Jan 2017 description

Mozambique - IOM’s third edition of a holiday health campaign, targeting migrant mine workers returning home to Mozambique’s Gaza Province for the holiday period, ended yesterday (05/01).

The campaign which began on 19 December 2016, saw over 5,200 migrant workers and their families participate. Since they began in 2015, the health campaigns have encouraged over 10,370 migrants and their families to be screened for HIV/AIDS and TB.

23 Dec 2016 description

Mozambique - A group of Ethiopians who became stranded in Mozambique en route to South Africa returned home yesterday with the assistance of IOM.

The 34 migrants began their five-month journey in the southern region of Awasa, Ethiopia, and travelled through Kenya and Tanzania on foot, by boat, minibus or hidden inside goods vehicles.

13 Dec 2016 description

Mozambique - Over the last decade, countries in Southern Africa have been hit by recurrent and frequent floods, droughts and strong cyclones, which have resulted in the displacement of people in both urban and rural areas.

Severe flooding in 2015 led to the displacement of thousands of people in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar, while drought in Namibia prompted the country to declare a state of emergency in 2016. Such environmental emergencies require timely and effective interventions in order to prevent massive internal and cross-border displacements of people.

13 Dec 2016 description

Madagascar - IOM has launched an 18-month project aiming at developing evidence and building capacities on migration, environment, and climate change (MECC) in four countries in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. The project is funded by IOM Development Fund (IDF) and will be implemented through February 2018 in Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and Namibia.

30 Sep 2016 description

South Africa - IOM will today sign a cooperation agreement with the Royal Dutch Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique, to provide funding worth EUR11.1 million for a four-year project dealing with sexual and reproductive health in migration-affected areas of southern Africa.

07 Sep 2016 description


With the implementation of the first year of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2015–2018 strategy, for the IOM programing cycle, we are delighted to share with you the highlights of our development work in Zimbabwe.

22 Mar 2016 description

Mozambique - Due to its location, Mozambique is frequently affected by hazards such as floods, droughts, cyclones and earthquakes. In 2016 over 1.2 million people are at risk of food insecurity due to the droughts and floods of which 600,000 people in crisis and need immediate food assistance and another 600,000 are considered stressed.

19 Mar 2016 description

Mozambique - Mozambique is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and environmental hazards, currently suffering from a drought in the center and southern provinces with more than 500,000 people already in need of food assistance and floods in the North of the country.

08 Oct 2015 description

Mozambique - As the Mozambican government finalizes the country’s 2015/16 disaster contingency plan over the next four days, IOM is helping mainstream gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and other protection issues into Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) capacity-building activities and planning.

29 Sep 2015 description

Mozambique - This week IOM is supporting Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) to prepare local and provincial authorities for the 9th National Emergency Simulation, which will take place in the central province of Zambezia on 16 October.

As one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and environmental hazards, the simulation is a critical component of Mozambique’s preparedness and emergency management.

15 Sep 2015 description

Mozambique - In coordination with Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), today IOM is facilitating the training of 35 government staff as part of a two-day workshop to develop a contingency plan for the upcoming rainy season (December-March).

Training participants include members of the Technical Council for Disaster Risk Management (CTGC) and INGC focal points from each of Mozambique’s eleven provinces, whose involvement is part of IOM’s wider capacity-building project supported by the Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).

28 Aug 2015 description

Mozambique - IOM, UNICEF and Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) yesterday (27/08) convened a workshop, attended by 35 government officials and NGO representatives, to revise the current system of assessing humanitarian needs in emergencies.

As one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and environmental hazards, Mozambique faces major humanitarian crises almost every year in the form of extreme floods and cyclones.

16 Aug 2015 description


Displaced families in Mozambique’s Zambezia Province continue to search for stability after severe flooding in early 2015 caused mass evacuations in low-lying areas of the region. After coordinating initial relief operations, the Government of Mozambique has shifted its focus to the recovery phase of the emergency through the development of relocation communities housing internally displaced persons (IDP) throughout the province.