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04 Apr 2000 description
report Marek Enterprise

From MAREK Business Briefs 4 Apr 2000


Mozambican sugar production is affected by flooding. PANA reported on March 14 that all of Mozambique's operational sugar companies have been badly affected by flooding. Only Marromeu the province of Sofala was mostly unaffected. The target of producing 310, 000 tons of sugar by 2005 is not possible.

31 Mar 2000 description
report Marek Enterprise

The severe floods lashing Southern Africa over the past six weeks have had localized impacts on some markets in Mozambique, but no discernable regional effect on white maize prices or price expectations.

Prepared by TradeInfo-Africa, tradeinfo-africa@bigfoot.com

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09 Mar 2000 description
report Marek Enterprise

Late-breaking editor's note: Our mst recent report says that the USAF MC-130P is airborne at this time conducting a reconnaissance mission looking for thesed 20,000 people. Guillaume de Montravel, the UN's senior liaison officer in the area, is said to be abaoard. We will keep you informed.

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USAF's MC-130P Combat Shadow in Mozambique

It is still an open question whether this aircraft spotted 20,000 stranded Mozambicans or not. For sure the aircraft is flying today to confirm the reports making the rounds that such a group exists.

07 Mar 2000 description
report Marek Enterprise

The point she has made, however, is not trivial, and will require Africans to come to grips with their hangover from the colonial period and the realities of the demands created by emergencies --- logistics, logistics, logistics.

Mozambique's former first lady, Graca Machel, while flying over her flood ravaged country, angrily attacked the West for its slowness to respond to her country's flood emergency, saying:

"It seems the world has no conscience when it comes to human life."

While Mrs.