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20 Mar 2018 description

185 schools
50,680+ children fed

Quick Facts

  • Swaziland: 28% of youths have not completed primary school
  • Madagascar: 19% of primary school-age youths are out of school
  • Zimbabwe: e pupil to teacher ratio at primary schools is 39:1
  • Malawi: Drop out rate for primary school is 10 for boys, 11 for girls
  • Mozambique: Repetition rate at grade 5 is 15%
21 Nov 2017 description

By Silvia Roscot

Albertina eats bread with tea every morning for pequeno almoço, Portuguese for breakfast, then walks an hour to school. Occasionally, she skips breakfast and forages fruits on the way to class. Chances are slim that she will have lunch at all. She attends a primary school in Boane District, a 45 minute drive from Maputo, Mozambique, where we met her. As if it was something to hope for, not something to expect, she told us she liked the idea of “lunch at school because I will get a meal, and will go to class without feeling hungry.”

24 Jul 2012 description
report Islamic Relief

“The Government will match the public donations we receive pound for pound up to £5 million, which means that our supporters can double their donations and we can double the impact of our work to support poor communities and lift people out of poverty.” - Jehangir Malik, Islamic Relief’s UK Director

• DFID to match UK public donations to 2012 Ramadan appeal pound for pound, up to £5 million
• Announcement coincides with start of Ramadan and first anniversary of Somali famine
• Spokespeople available with firsthand experience of our famine response in Somalia

20 May 2008 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) is appealing for donations for those affected by the recent violence, which has left twenty two people dead and caused 13,000 to flee their homes.

The attacks, which began on May 12 2008, have involved armed mobs beating, raping, robbing and killing foreigners in the Alexandra Township.

08 Mar 2007 description
report Islamic Relief

A humanitarian effort by Islamic Relief Worldwide- South Africa (IRW-SA) to assist flood victims in Mozambique was successfully initiated on Friday, in the northeastern province of Zambezia, where rising floodwaters have forced thousands of families to abandon their homes in search of higher ground.

The response team led by Cassiem Khan, IRW-SA Country Director, arrived in Mozambique to assess the damage and to investigate relief aid requirements.

19 Feb 2007 description
report Islamic Relief

Heavy rains in central Mozambique have created the country's worst floods for six years, forcing some 120,000 people to flee their homes for higher ground. About 40 people in the Zambezi valley are reported dead.

Water levels are continuing to rise and officials fear that another 200,000 people could be displaced from their homes over the coming weeks.


According to government reports, more than 4,500 homes and over 100 schools have been damaged by the floods. Four health centres have also been submerged beneath the water.

11 Oct 2000 description
report Islamic Relief

In March 00, Islamic Relief allocated $50,000 to Mozambique as the country suffered its worst flooding in living memory.

05 Apr 2000 description
report Islamic Relief

During February and March 2000 Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the Southern African region, suffered some of the worst flooding in over 50 years due to torrential rainfall causing mass devastation effecting a million people, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless.