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13 Oct 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Idriss Jazairy, Executive Director of the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue

12 Oct 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Miriam Gathigah

NAIROBI, Oct 12 2017 (IPS) - A growing number of African countries are increasingly becoming food insecure as delayed and insufficient rainfall, as well as crop damaging pests such as the ongoing outbreak of the fall armyworm, cause the most severe maize crisis in the last decade.

Experts have warned that as weather patterns become even more erratic and important crops such as maize are unable to resist the fall armyworm infestation, there will not be enough food on the table.

18 Jul 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Busani Bafana

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Jul 18 2017 (IPS)

Southern African countries have agreed on a multi-pronged plan to increase surveillance and research to contain the fall army worm, which has cut forecast regional maize harvests by up to ten percent, according to a senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) official.

25 Feb 2016 description
report Inter Press Service

By Charity Chimungu Phiri

12 Jan 2016 description
report Inter Press Service

Busani Bafana

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, 20 déc (IPS) - La contamination par l'aflatoxine est une menace croissante pour le commerce, la sécurité alimentaire et la santé en Afrique subsaharienne, où les petits fermiers font face au défi de la production alimentaire et maintenant le changement climatique, selon des chercheurs.

25 Nov 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

By Sam Olukoya

LAGOS, Nigeria, Nov 21 2014 (IPS) - Two years ago, Shola* was kicked out of the family house in Abeokuta, in southwestern Nigeria, after testing HIV-positive at age 13. He was living with his father, his stepmother and their seven children.

“The stepmother insisted that Shola must go because he is likely to infect her children,” Tayo Akinpelu, programme director of Youth’s Future Savers Initiative, told IPS.

14 Aug 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

By Kanya D'Almeida and Mercedes Sayagues

JOHANNESBURG/NEW YORK, Aug 13 2014 (IPS) - They say there is a war on and its target is the deadly human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

This war runs worldwide but its main battleground is sub-Saharan Africa, where seven out of 10 HIV positive persons in the world live – 24.7 million in 2013. The region suffered up to 1.3 million AIDS-related deaths in the same year, according to the United Nations.

19 Jun 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

By Amos Zacarias

MAPUTO, Jun 19 2014 (IPS) - Chronic shortages of antiretrovirals across Mozambique are endangering the health and the lives of tens of thousands of HIV positive people on treatment.

Some 454,000 people are on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, or just under one-third of the 1.6 million Mozambicans living with HIV in 2013, according to government figures.

31 Dec 2013 description
report Inter Press Service

By Amos Zacarias

NAMPULA, Mozambique , Dec 28 2013 (IPS) - Rodolfo Razão, an elderly small farmer in Mozambique, obtained an official land usage certificate for his 10 hectares in 2010, but he has only been able to use seven. The rest was occupied by a South African company that grows soy, maize and beans on some 10,000 hectares in the northeast of the country.

He got nowhere filing a complaint with the authorities in the district of Monapo, where he lives, in the province of Nampula. And at the age of 78, he can’t wait much longer.

08 Mar 2013 description
report Inter Press Service

By William Mapote

MAPUTO, Mar 1 2013 (IPS) - As Mozambique tries to recover from the worst flooding here since 2000, experts have called for a national discussion on water management and how to maximise its usage in favour of long-term sustainable development.

“Mozambique is a downstream destination for regional rivers, but it still has much to do to maximise those potentials into national development, ” Patrício José, a member of Southern African Development Community’s water division, told IPS.

24 Dec 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Kristin Palitza

DAR ES SALAAM, Dec 22 2012 (IPS) - A nurse working in a remote clinic in Mueda, a small town in northern Mozambique’s Makonde Plateau, receives a shipment of vaccines from the national health department. Using special software on her mobile phone, she sends out a mass text message to alert mothers in the area about the availability of immunisations.

She also uses the phone to schedule appointments, access patient records and order new vaccines when stock runs low.

30 Nov 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

Nov 30 2012 (IPS) - For decades food security and self-sufficiency in Africa have been seen as a distant dream. The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, however, hopes to make it a reality, and while it may have begun with a slow start, its coordinators are confident it will produce more positive results in the coming years.

The programme is implemented through the African Union’s (AU) Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA), which was set up to improve food security, achieve sustainable development and improve livelihoods on the continent.

28 Sep 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

ARUSHA, Tanzania, Sep 28 2012 (IPS) - Investment in rural infrastructure and support for Africa’s millions of small-scale farmers have increased in the past decade. But as these farmers begin to see increased yields, the question of better access to markets comes to the fore.

Kanayo Nwanze, president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, says rural Africa is ripe for investment, presenting unprecedented opportunities.

21 Sep 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Jinty Jackson

Sep 20 2012 (IPS) - Carolina Poalo strikes the dry earth over and over with her hoe, her frail body bent almost double. She is determined to begin planting. During the long, dry season in Mozambique, she and her two young grandchildren have eaten little but cassava leaves.

In a country where the average life expectancy is 50, the 65-year-old is considered very old, but her golden years are far from restful.

Instead, life is a constant battle for the many elderly living in the semi-rural outskirts of the capital, Maputo.

06 Jun 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Thabani Okwenjani

HARARE, Jun 5, 2012 (IPS) - The Southern African Development Community's protocol on shared watercourses is recognised as one of the world's best. But sound agreements on the sustainable and equitable management of joint water resources require effective means to implement them.

Water officials from across Southern Africa are meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Jun 5-6 to develop a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the regional agreement.

01 Mar 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Fabiana Frayssinet

RIO DE JANEIRO, Mar 1, 2012 (IPS) - The Brazilian government is stepping up South-South aid, to strengthen the South American giant’s status as a donor country and its international clout. It now provides assistance to 65 countries, and its financial aid has grown threefold in the last seven years.

A project to extend financing for food purchases to five countries in Africa has helped confirm that Brazil, traditionally a recipient of aid, has taken its place among the group of foreign donor countries.

16 Feb 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Johannes Myburgh*

MAPUTO, Feb 16, 2012 (IPS) - Over 100,000 people in Mozambique are still recovering from losing their homes and crops, and from being cut off from schools and shops after a tropical storm and cyclone hit the southern African country in January. But the worst may not be over as another dangerous cyclone is expected to make landfall Friday evening as emergency stocks run low.

20 Jan 2011 description
report Inter Press Service

By Servaas van den Bosch

WINDHOEK, Jan 20, 2011 (IPS) - As South Africa declares a national disaster due to flooding, other countries in the region hold their breath while water levels continue to rise.

With dozens dead and damages exceeding $50 million across eight of its nine provinces, South Africa is experiencing its heaviest floods in years.

20 Jan 2011 description
report Inter Press Service

By Johannes Myburgh

MAPUTO, Jan 20, 2011 (IPS) - Flood alert levels are on orange in parts of Mozambique as disaster management services mobilise to respond to flooding potentially as bad as the catastrophe in 2000.

Heavy downpours are steadily swelling the Southern African country's rivers, while authorities watch rainfall and water level indicators in countries upstream with a wary eye.

Some people living in the Limpopo Rver basin in the south of the country have started moving to safer ground after warnings that some 7,000 people could be affected if the river reaches the …

20 Apr 2010 description
report Inter Press Service

By Isaiah Esipisu

NAIROBI, Apr 20, 2010 (IPS) - Mozambique's government learned some tough lessons from the devastating floods that hit the country a decade ago. Experts say the disaster management plans drawn up since are a model for other African countries.

The flooding in 2000 killed 700 people and displaced 4.5 million more.