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06 Mar 2007 description
report Medair

Mozambique - After conducting a careful assessment, Medair has concluded that the government of Mozambique and existing relief agencies are well-positioned to respond effectively to beneficiary needs in this flood-ravaged country.

With waters levels decreasing in Mozambique, Medair will now be exiting the country. It will maintain a close watching brief on Mozambique until the end of the rainy season.

In the past two weeks, Medair's Emergency Manager, Ian Mills, conducted a thorough assessment of humanitarian needs in Mozambique's most affected areas.

20 Feb 2007 description
report Medair

Mozambique - Heavy rains and flash flooding have pounded Mozambique since the beginning of 2007. Two weeks ago, the flooding increased to the point where the National Institute for Disaster Management declared a Red Alert for the Zambezi River basin. Small-scale evacuations started in communities closest to the river in Caia district. By the 18th of February, the government of Mozambique placed the total number of displaced at 120,000 people.

Medair had successfully responded to floods in Mozambique in both 2000 and 2001, so the organisation was well-prepared to respond again.

09 Feb 2007 description
report Medair

Mozambique - Medair is to send an Emergency Assessment Manager to Mozambique on Monday after heavy rains threaten to cause massive flooding along the Zambezi River. The Cahora Bassa Dam has already been partially opened due to overcapacity, and if fully opened, could destroy homes, livelihoods and lead to the displacement of 300,000 people.

21 May 2001 description
report Medair

My week begins, as co-ordinator for the mobile medical team, organising the week ahead as we move to the different camps isolated by water. Today we are going to Ila de Salia a camp with a population of 1'490 people. It's about two hours away by boat .I have gained a healthy respect for the Zambezi river with its rushing currents, crocodiles and hippos .We arrive in Ila de Salia, two of our translators have gone ahead to arrange people to help carry our equipment as we will be staying overnight.

27 Apr 2001 description
report Medair

My story begins in a helicopter as I fly from Quelimane to Luabo where the accommodation camps are situated, my heart beating fast with the excitement of being in a helicopter. I am part of the MEDAIR and Samaritan's Purse mobile medical team serving 2 displaced people's camps (Luabo and Matilde) in Chinde District. My excitement that soon fades to horror as we fly over huge areas covered with water, only the roofs of houses are visible above the water.

20 Apr 2001 description
report Medair

When the flood hit Mozambique in February last year, Tiago Tembe and his family lived in a mud house in Barragem, very close to the Limpopo River. The river is the source of life to the community but is always a potential danger because it floods easily.

03 Apr 2001 description
report Medair

MEDAIR sent a team to access the recent flooding in the Zambezi Province and to identify where help was needed. Their findings were as follows:

20 Mar 2001 description
report Medair

Present activities & their latest update
MEDAIR has sent a team to survey the central flooded region of the country - results pending


In conjunction with government wishes MEDAIR has begun a resettlement programme for 300 families in Manjangwe. After considerable research a decision was made to build using cement blocks. Although the new settlement is on higher ground it is still liable to flooding and therefore a stronger structure decided upon. Each house is 35 sq.m & a separate latrine. The cost per house is only $990.

18 Jan 2001 description
report Medair

MEDAIR responded to the emergency in Mozambique by sending a team out on the 11th March 1999 in order to carry out a rapid assessment. It was clear from the start of the survey that MEDAIR was entering the second phase of the emergency, namely the rehabilitation and resettlement phase. There was generally a very response to the needs of the victims of the disaster, but due to the vast area affected and the large number of beneficiaries in need, MEDAIR was been able to identify a range of gaps in the provision of aid.

01 Apr 2000 description
report Medair

Mozambique has started the recovery road after having experienced one of the worst floods in over 50 years. A trail of damage is still clearly seen as one flies over the affected areas along the Incomatie and Limpopo Rivers (near Chokwé). Many of the displaced people have begun moving back to the areas where their villages once stood .