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03 Apr 2000 description

120,000 households will need interim food assistance in Mozambique, having lost their crops and access to farmlands, the Humanitarian Times (24 March ) reported. The flooding and cyclones which swept across Mozambique and other countries in Southern Africa in recent weeks left widespread devastation in their wake. In Mozambique, the official death toll is something over 500, but many think the figure is much higher in reality. Basic rations are provided to over 650,000 people, and health and nutritional status are being monitored in the 87 feeding centres.

10 Mar 2000 description

The flooding and cyclones which hit southern Africa over the past weeks have left widespread death and devastation in their wake. It is estimated that around 1.25 million people have been left homeless, and hundreds, if not thousands, have died. Mozambique has been the hardest hit by the floods which swept across the region, but Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and most recently Madagascar, have also been affected, with death, mass displacement, and the destruction of crops, granaries, roads, bridges and dams.