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26 Jan 2012 description
report Mail and Guardian

Mozambican authorities are forcefully moving people away from flood risk areas along the Limpopo Valley, in the southern province of Gaza, it was reported on Wednesday.

The operation began on Sunday in the districts of Chokwe and Guija to prevent drowning in floods caused by discharges from the Massingir dam, AIM reported.

There is already flooding in Macarretane and Chilembene, in the Gaza province.

Many people living in the area have refused to leave their homes, fearing thieves might take advantage of the situation.

23 Apr 2010 description
report Mail and Guardian


Weeding her vegetables on the outskirts of Maputo could have proved lethal for Rosita Justina Matusse. "I was hoeing when I found a round, hard thing," she says. "I didn't know what it was but a man who had come to look said, 'It's a landmine! Don't touch it!'"

The 64-year-old is standing next to a small hollow where the mine was buried on her plot, just a few square metres, in Benfica, a densely populated, poor Maputo suburb.

06 Jun 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian

Pearlie Joubert, Cape Town, South Africa

As President Thabo Mbeki insisted this week that he had no prior warning of xenophobic violence, he was flatly contradicted by a group of Congolese and Rwandan refugees in Cape Town.

The refugees told the Mail & Guardian that they repeatedly wrote letters to Mbeki, the ANC and Cosatu since 2004 alerting the government to the growing ill-treatment of foreigners in South Africa.

The M&G has seen one of the letters, written by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizen Deo Kabemba Ngulu to ANC secretary general Kgalema Motlanthe.

13 Mar 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Nicole Johnston | Mopeia

Imagine that once every three years your home is washed away, all your possessions are destroyed and your children miss months of school. You have no insurance and you have to start your life from scratch. Until it happens again. Welcome to life in the Zambezi River valley.

The rural areas of Zambezia province are Mozambique's poorest and most densely populated, and it is these areas that have been hardest hit by recent floods.

22 Feb 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Roofs were blown off, trees uprooted and power lines cut by the force of a tropical cyclone that slammed into coastal regions of already-beleaguered Mozambique on Thursday, officials said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties after Cyclone Favio made landfall in the Southern African nation, but the latest weather disaster added to the workload of disaster-management officials already having to address the fate of tens of thousands of people left homeless by recent flooding.

Helder Sueia, chief forecaster in the national meteorological office, said the cyclone had left scenes …

21 Feb 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Disaster officials and aid agencies are closely monitoring Tropical Cyclone Favio, due to make landfall in flood-drenched Mozambique on Thursday, as it crosses the narrow sea channel from Madagascar.

By 6pm local time on Wednesday afternoon, Favio was a very intense category-three storm with winds of about 185km/h, according to the Tropical Storm Risk website.

23 Feb 2006 description
report Mail and Guardian

Jenni Evans and Antoinette Keyser | Johannesburg, South Africa

The death toll in the powerful quake that hit Mozambique on Thursday morning was still uncertain with authorities still visiting rural areas to assess the impact there.

"The provincial secretary is there to assess and we are expecting news in about two hours," Mozambique Red Cross Society secretary-general Fernanda Teixeira told the South African Press Association (Sapa).

"There was alarm, especially in the big cities where people slept in the street.

19 Oct 2005 description
report Mail and Guardian

Farayi Mutsa is slumped in the shade outside Nsanje district hospital, gently holding his daughter, Azineyi. Her wrists are barely thicker than an adult thumb and her mouth is stained purple where nurses have applied zinc oxide cream to her sores. She looks six months old; she is three years.

Mutsa (33) planted maize, rice and bulrush millet but the rains never arrived and he had no crops to bring home last April.

29 Jan 2004 description
report Mail and Guardian

Southern Africa is facing another difficult year of food insecurity, brought on by the late onset of rains, and the on-going impact of HIV/Aids and problems of governance. Donors have so far provided $168-million of a $533-million humanitarian appeal covering six countries in the region. Chris Kaye, the head of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Regional Office for Southern Africa, speaks on the humanitarian community's response to the current emergency.

20 Mar 2001 description
report Mail and Guardian

A prominent US scientist has added his voice to critics who believe that Mozambique's floods need not have been so tragic


A leading world authority on dams and the environment has added his voice to criticism of the management of the Kariba and Cahora Bassa dams on the Zambezi river.

Recent flooding of Mozambique has seen flood-plain residents refusing to move; at least 75 people have died.

31 Dec 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

MORE than 150 000 Mozambicans - mostly peasant farmers - are facing devastating floods for the second time in 11 months following the opening of sluice gates on the Kariba Dam in neighbouring Zambia.

Mozambique is still recovering from massive floods in February and March, which killed 700, destroyed the homes or livelihoods of more than 10% of the country's 19 million people and did about $1bn in damage, according to World Bank figures.

The newly affected people, who live on the banks of the Zambezi river in three central Mozambican districts, also face the prospect of acute …

28 Apr 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. April 28 2000

Global warming makes floods and droughts more likely, as the people of Mozambique and Ethiopia have discovered

Floods are events of the moment. Droughts are disasters on a slow fuse. Both happen with or without global warming.

05 Apr 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. April 5 2000

28 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. March 28 2000

As the TV cameras leave, the world faces its biggest test of commitment to the ongoing tragedy in Mozambique.

By CHRIS MCGREAL in Ilha Josina Machel

The lakes of floodwater that consumed whole towns are trickling back into Mozambique's rivers, but the TV cameras have gone, and with them the international attention that set off the scramble to rescue a drowning people.

In the next few weeks Mozambicans will have good reason to wish that the cameras were back.

16 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. March 16 2000

South Africa is to be congratulated on its response to the Mozambique floods, but the disaster highlights the differences between aid in Europe and aid in Africa, writes CAMERON DUODU

13 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. March 14 2000

10 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. March 10 2000

10 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

The rescue mission in Mozambique is just beginning, with the need for food and clean water becoming a matter of urgency.


The first sign of life from one of the trees speckled across the vast new lake that is southern Mozambique was an arm thrust from among the leaves. The anonymous limb waved a cooking pot, not with any great vigour, for fear of upsetting the precarious balance of life under the foliage.