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10 Feb 2011 description

China's anticipated drought could pose a major threat to Africa's food security. Analysts in China and among expert international organisations anticipate that a major drought will severely affect China's 2011 grain and livestock production. If it happens, China will assert its weight on international commodity markets, and with its economic might and two decades of enormous investment in African agriculture, the continent's food security will be severely tested.

08 Jul 2010 description
report Maplecroft

Italy, Japan, China, USA, Spain and France rated "high risk"

New research identifying Haiti and Mozambique as the countries most vulnerable to economic losses from natural disasters also classifies a number of industrialised economies, including Italy, Japan, China, USA, Spain and France, as "high risk" environments for investors, insurers and business.

The Natural Disasters Economic Loss Index (NDELI), released by risk intelligence and ratings company, Maplecroft, evaluates the economic impact of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, storms, flooding, …

07 Mar 2003 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 7 Mar 2003

28 Aug 2002 description
report United Nations

Link with Asian Floods but Unlikely Connected to Floods in Central Europe

28 Apr 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. April 28 2000

Global warming makes floods and droughts more likely, as the people of Mozambique and Ethiopia have discovered

Floods are events of the moment. Droughts are disasters on a slow fuse. Both happen with or without global warming.