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17 Oct 2013 description

Le Comité spécialisé du Conseil d’Administration de l’AFD pour l’appui aux initiatives des ONG s’est réuni le 15 octobre 2013. Il a approuvé l’attribution des subventions suivantes :

Plan international France – Améliorer la santé maternelle et infantile au Togo

10 May 2011 description

Read FrontLines online.

About FrontLines

Insights from Administrator Rajiv Shah


Plugging In and Powering Up: Energy Program Turns on Health-Care Facilities in Haiti and Beyond

In Mozambique, Food Is for Peace and Much More podcast

Initiative Aims to Upturn the Status Quo in Health Care

Nutrition and Family Planning Intersect for a Healthier Guatemala

Health Services on Wheels: a One-Stop Shop

27 Oct 2010 description

Emerging aid donors, such as China, India and, increasingly, Brazil, are changing the international aid architecture and challenging some of its tenets, such as the current consensus on 'aid effectiveness'.

30 Sep 2010 description

À qui appartient la récolte de Boane ? Un reportage au Mozambique

- Laos : le puissant voisin chinois étale sa richesse

- Haïti : l'aide suisse à la reconstruction

Les Objectifs du Millénaire restent notre cadre d'orientation

15 Jun 2009 description
report PlusNews

NAIROBI, 15 juin 2009 (PLUSNEWS) - Aide alimentaire et abris en plastique sont des caractéristiques associées à toute catastrophe, ce qui n'est pas toujours le cas des préservatifs et des antirétroviraux, bien que les agences humanitaires reconnaissent le lien entre situation d'urgence et augmentation du risque VIH.

« Souvent, la prévention du VIH n'est pas une priorité, particulièrement dans les contextes d'urgence soudaine, mais en fait la prévention du VIH est une question vitale qui requiert d'être [considérée comme] une priorité dans la réponse d'urgence », …

10 Jun 2009 description
report PlusNews

NAIROBI, 10 June 2009 (PlusNews) - Food aid and plastic sheeting are the hallmarks of every disaster, but not always condoms and antiretrovirals, even though humanitarian agencies recognize the link between emergencies and the increased risk of HIV and AIDS.

"Often HIV prevention is not prioritized, especially in sudden-onset emergencies, but actually HIV prevention is a life-saving issue requiring prioritization in the emergency response," said Mumtaz Mia, UNAIDS regional humanitarian response advisor for East and Southern Africa.

Research indicates that the …

04 Jun 2008 description

ROME - The United Nations World Food Programme announced today it is rolling out an additional US$1.2 billion in food assistance to help tens of millions of people in more than 60 nations hardest hit by the urgent food crisis.

"With soaring food and fuel prices, hunger is on the march and we must act now," Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, said in written remarks delivered today to hundreds of delegates gathered in Rome for an international summit on food security.

"If we do not act quickly, the bottom billion will become …

22 Apr 2008 description
report World Bank

The disturbing images should spur the global community to action: riots in Haiti, protests in Egypt and violence in many other countries, sparked by the rising price of food. The World Bank Group estimates doubling of food prices over the past three years could push 100 million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty. And the problem is here to stay: The realities of demography, changing diets, energy prices and biofuels and climate changes suggest that high food prices will be with us for some time.

Since 2005, the prices of staple foods have jumped 80 percent.

25 Nov 2003 description

But some countries made notable progress