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21 Feb 2018 description
report The Irrawaddy

By Lawi Weng 20 February 2018

Government authorities are restricting ethnic Wa people who live in northern Shan State from traveling to Kyaingtong and other major towns in eastern parts of the state, according to local sources.

There are two main roads for ethnic Wa traveling to Kyaingtong in eastern Shan State and Tachilek on the Thai-Burmese border. But since early this month, authorities have been checking the ID cards of travellers and barring further travel along the routes if the holder is ethnic Wa, according to complaints lodged with the United Wa State Army.

21 Feb 2018 description
report Mizzima News

The New Mon State Party (NMSP) and Lahu Democratic Union (LDU) which signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on February 13 discussed implementation of the peace process with the eight other signatories in Chiang Mai on February 18 and 19.

Spokesman for the ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), Pado Saw Tah Doh Mu, said they discussed the Joint Implementation Committee Meeting (JICM) and inclusion of new members in Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC).

20 Feb 2018 description
report The Irrawaddy

By Lawi Weng 14 February 2018

Three ethnic Kachin internally displaced persons (IDPs) were released by the Myanmar Army after being forced to work as porters in Mansi township, but two others had yet to return to the Maing Hkawng camp for IDPs, according to local sources.

Naw Mai, a Maing Hkawng camp leader, told The Irrawaddy on Wednesday that three IDPs “came back safely to the camp.”

13 Feb 2018 description

ABU DHABI, 13th February, 2018 (WAM) -- UAE Doctors, a team of Emirati medical volunteers, have opened a number of specialised clinics to treat elderly Rohingya refugees at the Zayed Humanitarian Hospital in Bangladesh.

11 Feb 2018 description
report Voice of America

Ben Dunant

YANGON — Last month, the residents of Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, felt a strong bump in the night. Their national leaders in Naypyidaw, the country's thinly populated capital, were also stirred from their sleep.

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck between the two cities, in the early hours of January 12.

10 Feb 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

Matthew Wells is a Senior Crisis Advisor at Amnesty International, and has just returned from two weeks of research in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Abdu Salam stayed in his village as Myanmar soldiers and local vigilantes burned down dozens of homes there last August. He stayed as news spread of atrocities that soldiers had committed in other Rohingya villages across northern Rakhine State. He stayed because Hpon Nyo Leik village was his home, the only home he’d known, and he wanted to protect his family’s property and right to live there.

08 Feb 2018 description

COX’S BAZAR, 7th February, 2018 (WAM) -- The Zayed Humanitarian Hospital has launched an advanced unit to treat children in Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, under the supervision of a UAE-Bangladeshi voluntary medical team and as part of a joint initiative led by the Zayed Giving Initiative.

The unit aims to provide the best diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services for refugee children, through its specialist medical staff and advanced medical equipment, which will be used for the first time in Rohingya refugee camps.

08 Feb 2018 description
report Radio Free Asia

Spreading clashes between the Myanmar army and an ethnic armed group in eastern Myanmar’s Shan state have forced more than 150 residents of the town of Kutkai to flee to safety to Theinni town, local lawmakers said Tuesday.

Ongoing hostilities between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the government military and occasional clashes between the TNLA and a rival ethnic militia — the Shan State Army-South (SSA-S) — have forced thousands of residents in northern Shan state to flee their homes and seek shelter in Buddhist monasteries.

07 Feb 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

  • Six Tatmadaw soldiers have been given a ten-year sentence for killing villagers

  • The third session of 21st Century Panglong Conference - Union Peace Conference had been postponed to February

  • Heavy fighting occurred along Ledo road in Kachin State

  • New Mon State Party and the Lahu Democratic Union agreed to sign the National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)

  • Over 3,000 residents and minders trapped in Kachin State due to battles continue with air strikes

04 Feb 2018 description

ABU DHABI, 3rd February, 2018 (WAM) -- The UAE doctors have launched the second phase of the operational stage of the Zayed Humanitarian Field Hospital in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to alleviate the suffering of the Rohingya refugees, by increasing its capacity to 200 patients per day.

The capacity of outpatient clinics have been increased to receive maximum number of patients, especially children and the elderly, due to the large number of refugees in the UAE field hospital.

30 Jan 2018 description

KUALA LUMPUR, 29th January, 2018 (WAM) -- A UAE-Malaysian humanitarian aircraft took off from Kuala Lumpur on its way to the camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, carrying relief supplies for Rohingya refugees, as part of the joint efforts of the UAE and Malaysia to help the refugees.

Khalid Ghanem Al Ghaith, UAE Ambassador to Malaysia, Mohammad Najib Tun Abdul Razzaq, Malaysian Prime Minister, and Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysian Minister of Defence and Minister with Special Functions at the Prime Minister's Department and Chief of Staff, attended the plane’s departure.

25 Jan 2018 description

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) spokesman Maj. Tak Aik Kyaw confirmed to Mizzima that troops of Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and TNLA have been fighting near Kaik Tai village (also known among local people as Kyet Thay village) between Namsan and Kyaukme Townships in northern Shan State.

“We have been fighting since January 18. We had fighting yesterday with them and this afternoon too (20 January). They retreated and then advanced again and fired on us,” Maj. Tak Aik Kyaw said.

25 Jan 2018 description
report Mizzima News

By Phanida

Ndup Yang IDP camp In-charge said that about 1,000 war refugees and local people had to flee from their camp after heavy weapon shells hit the camp in Sumprabum Township, northern Kachin State.

Ndup Yang Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp In-charge Rev. Ban Seng said on January 23 in the evening about 400 war refugees from the camp and local people from nearby villages of Lord Mai Yang, N Thang Zup, Zup Yar, Samar Bum totaling over 1,000 people had to flee their homes and camp after artillery shells hit the camp on January 22.

23 Jan 2018 description

ABU DHABI, 22nd January, 2018 (WAM) -- UAE doctors have treated over 9,000 children and elderly patients among Rohingya refugees at the Zayed Humanitarian Field Hospital in the Cox Bazaar area of Bangladesh since it began operating in September 2017.

23 Jan 2018 description

Sharjah, 22nd January, 2018 (WAM) -- Bee’ah, Sharjah’s award-winning environmental management company, has contributed AED500,000 to The Big Heart Foundation’s, TBHF, relief efforts for Rohingya refugees. The announcement follows a recent visit by Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, to Bangladesh as part of a UAE delegation led by TBHF.

19 Jan 2018 description

GENEVA, Jan 19 2018 (IOM) - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is appealing for nearly USD 1.4 billion to address the needs of over 80 million people in 50 countries in 2018. These vital funds will support people displaced within the borders of their own countries, migrants, refugees and the communities that host them, people returning to their areas of origin and people experiencing or recovering from conflict and natural disasters.

18 Jan 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

1) Due to battles between the KIA and the Tatmadaw in Tanai and Mansai townships, Kachin Peace-talk Creation Group (PCG) could not work for negotiating

2) Kachin IDP camps are in urgent need of repair, but due to a lack of funds cannot carry out the necessary assistance

3) Shan national-level political dialogue arranged for Langkho put off indefinitely due to the Tatmadaw's various obstructions

11 Jan 2018 description
report Mizzima News

At least 52 armed incidents took place nationwide in December, down from 63 the previous month, while the conflict in Shan and Kachin intensified, according to the Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security (MIPS) in their January briefing.

10 Jan 2018 description
report Mizzima News

The Ambassador of Italy to Myanmar Pier Giorgio Aliberti has said, “The peace process is crucial for the future of Myanmar and the solution of ethnic conflicts, which have been going on for too many decades, is essential to ensure the development of this country. Myanmar people are facing significant challenges, but the international community is ready to help the Government and every actor involved in order to lay the foundations of national reconciliation through constructive dialogue.”

07 Jan 2018 description
report Mizzima News

Mizzima Editor in Chief Soe Myint sat down with Mr Nigel Roberts, Interim Director of the Technical Secretariat of the Joint Peace Fund this week to talk about his mission and the progress being made to bring peace to Myanmar.

As a prelude to the interview, Mr Roberts said he has been filling in between one director and another with the Joint Peace Fund, so he said he did not consider himself an expert on the Myanmar peace process. However, he did stress that he has a lot of experience in other countries, so he could refer to that and some of the lessons and comparisons there.