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09 Apr 2013 description
report Baptist World Aid

The Baptist World Alliance® (BWA) sent an initial sum of US$20,000 to assist Karenni refugees whose homes were badly damaged or destroyed in a fire in a refugee camp in Thailand, killing 37 persons.

The Karenni are a subgroup of the Karen people living mostly in Kayah State (formerly Karenni State) of Myanmar. Many of the refugees fled conflict zones in Kayah and Karen states.

24 May 2012 description
report Baptist World Aid

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) has sent US$25,000 in emergency financial assistance to a school in the Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand to assist in the school's reconstruction after it was destroyed by fire on April 28.

The Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College, located in the Mae La Refugee Camp near the Thai-Myanmar border, faces uncertainty as to the start of the next term, which was set to begin in June. The school offers general education to refugees and training to church leaders. More than 300 students are enrolled.

25 May 2011 description
report Baptist World Aid

Several Baptist World Alliance (BWA) groups are providing help after a Baptist church collapsed and killed more than two dozen persons in a village in Myanmar following a severe earthquake on March 24.

The Baptist church in Kyakuni, a mostly Lahu village in eastern Shan State, near the border with Thailand, collapsed after the 6.8 magnitude quake, leaving 25 dead and 57 injured.

The relief and development arm of the BWA sent a grant of US$10,000 and the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, one of six regional fellowships of the BWA, sent US$5,000.

15 Apr 2009 description
report Baptist World Aid

The name Nargis ("daffodil" in Urdu) and the date May 2-3, 2008 will not be forgotten. They have left wounds and scars in the hearts and minds of the people living in the cyclone affected areas of Myanmar.

Immediately after Nargis struct, the Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) set up a temporary Emergency Relief Taskforce, the Nargis Relief and Rehabilitation Central Committee (NRRCC).

05 Sep 2008 description
report Baptist World Aid

Baptist World Aid (BWAid), the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, is seeking to raise US$1.89 million for continued relief in Myanmar.

The figure is based on needs assessments undertaken after Myanmar was devastated by Cyclone Nargis in early May. The storm killed more than 150,000 people, displaced millions, and virtually wiped out the country's staple crops.

Paul Montacute, Director of BWAid, along with Bonny Resu, BWA Regional Secretary for Asia/Pacific, traveled to the Southeast Asian country in August to meet with leaders of the Myanmar …

16 May 2008 description
report Baptist World Aid

A Baptist World Aid (BWAid) Rescue24 team that was granted visas to enter Myanmar has arrived.

The team is currently in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city and one of the areas devastated by Cylone Nargis, which hit the country on May 3. "Together with the local members of Baptist World Aid we have started to hand out aid in the worst stricken area," team members reported.

15 May 2008 description
report Baptist World Aid

Members of Baptist World Aid (BWAid) Rescue24, a search, rescue and relief team, have been granted visas to enter Myanmar and China to assess the needs of those affected by a cyclone and earthquake, respectively.

Led by leaders of Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid), the two teams are expected to arrive in both countries on Thursday, May 15, or Friday, May 16.

Other members of BWAid Rescue24 are waiting to respond to the needs that have been identified in the two countries, if permission is granted.

06 May 2008 description
report Baptist World Aid

Baptist World Aid (BWAid), the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), has pledged US$50,000 to assist with emergency relief efforts in Myanmar.

Myanmar, formerly named Burma, experienced a devastating cyclone that hit the Southeast Asian country on Saturday, May 3, killing an estimated 22,000 people, generating fears that the death toll will rise even further as tens of thousand more are missing. Large areas of the country are heavily flooded.

In addition to the $50,000 pledge, BWAid is coordinating relief efforts with Baptists around the world.

26 Jun 2006 description
report Baptist World Aid

"We have no voice... That is why we Karen women raise our voice to international agencies to be our voice and to stretch out their hands."

With these words, the women of the Karen tribe of Myanmar ( Burma) made an impassioned cry to the international community for assistance. "There are a lot of human rights abuses," their letter went on to say.

29 May 2006 description
report Baptist World Aid

Violent attacks have displaced more than 10,000 ethnic Karen villagers since November. It is the biggest movement in ten years made by soldiers of the Burmese military junta; officially known as the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). Civilians that have fled homes seeking refuge in Thailand face grave danger from landmines deliberately laid along the border to stop further refugee movement.

09 Feb 2005 description
report Baptist World Aid

Baptist World Aid continues to support the relief and rehabilitation activities of Baptists in the affected areas. Grants of over $200,000 have been approved to provide medical assistance, clean water, food and shelter. BWAid is now working with these groups as they seek to provide long term assistance in the provision of houses, medical facilities, equipment, small loans to start businesses, and provision for children etc.