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28 Dec 2017 description
  1. The government of the Republic of Korea will offer an additional 2.6 million US dollars in human assistance to a large number of Rohingya people who moved to Bangladesh after the armed clashes in Rakhine State, Myanmar, on August 25, as well as in emergency food assistance to those remaining in that part of Myanmar.
  • So far, a total of 655,000 Rohingya people have moved to Bangladesh since the armed clashes in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

21 Sep 2017 description
  1. The government of the Republic of Korea will provide humanitarian aid worth US$1.5 million through the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for emergency assistance to hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled to Bangladesh since the violent clashes in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

07 Aug 2015 description

Press Release

  1. The Government of the Republic of Korea has decided to contribute 150,000 USD in humanitarian assistance to those affected by the recent floods in Myanmar in order to support the relief efforts of the Government and people of Myanmar.

  2. In response to the requests from the Government of the Union of Myanmar, this funding will help provide emergency relief items such as rice, clothing, solar lamps, endurable roof, and safe drinking water to the most needed people and areas.

16 Nov 2012 description

1.The government of the Republic of Korea has decided to provide humanitarian assistance worth 200,000 US dollars to Myanmar, which sustained damage from an earthquake in northern Mandalei on November 11.

2.The aforementioned contribution will be used by the Myanmar Red Cross to help the affected area recover from the devastation of the earthquake.

Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFAT

*unofficial translation

17 Jul 2012 description
  1. The Government of the Republic of Korea decided to immediately provide 700 tents worth US$ 200,000 to Myanmar at the request of the UNHCR, which is conducting emergency relief operations for refugees generated by fierce clashes between citizens in Rakhine State, Myanmar, on June 8. The government of Myanmar estimates that there are about 52,000 refugees, and unofficial estimates put the number at 90,000 at maximum.

27 Mar 2012 description

1 At the request of the Myanmarese government, the government of the Republic of Korea will dispatch a government delegation, comprised of two officials of the National Election Commission, to the country to observe its by-elections scheduled for April 1.

­- The by-elections will be participated by major opposition parties, including the National League for Democracy, where Aung San Suu Kyi is a member, and others that had not taken part in the latest general election.

08 Apr 2011 description
  1. The Korean government has decided to provide emergency humanitarian aid worth 200,000 dollars to help the victims of the 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the eastern border areas of Myanmar on March 24.

○ The Myanmarese government announced that the earthquake had caused human casualty and property damage, killing 73 people, injuring 125, displacing about 3,100 and destroying around 700 houses, as of March 30.

09 May 2008 description
  1. Due to the deteriorating damages caused by a cyclone which struck Myanmar on May 3, the Korean government decided to send 2 million worth of additional emergency relief aid including tents, medical supplies and water purification products to the country devastated by the storm. Korea already sent $100,000 worth of relief supplies on May 6.

    Cyclone Nargis has claimed the lives of more than 20,000 people and left 40,000 missing. On an isle which was the most ravaged region by the storm, more than 90,000 people have been left homeless.