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14 Feb 2016 description


Myanmar is exposed to a range of natural hazards, including cyclones, floods, earthquakes, storm surges, landslides and droughts. The Global Climate Risk Index 2015 cites the country as being - together with Honduras and Haiti – one of the nations hardest hit by natural hazards in the last two decades and where more disaster events are likely to occur in the near future.

10 Aug 2015 description


At least 300 family kits have been provided by HelpAge International to five camps for internally displaced people in the Magway region in west Myanmar.

"Older people are particularly vulnerable during disasters and are often left out of emergency responses," said Anne-Laure Hallaire, Deputy Country Director at HelpAge International Myanmar.

"They have very specific needs: they're less mobile, may need special diets, can feel isolated and distressed, and may find it difficult to access sanitation facilities."

08 Feb 2014 description

Disasters from natural hazards are increasing and becoming more complex. Governments are falling short of the promises they made under the Hyogo Framework for Action, and globally, not enough is being done to reduce risk for the most vulnerable people, including women, children, and people who are marginalized and living in poverty.

11 Jun 2013 description

This document is the outcome of a national research on the situation of older people in Myanmar, carried out in 2012. The study was conducted with the partnership, encouragement and facilitation of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, while UNFPA provided valuable support and information.

03 Nov 2010 description

HelpAge International has released a conprehensive study reviewing humanitarian financing for older people in 12 humanitarian crisis since 2007, to ascertain levels of funding, which targets older people within the CAP and Flash Appeals.

18 Aug 2010 description

When a major humanitarian crisis strikes, such as the Pakistan floods or the Haiti earthquake, aid workers are first on the scene, often putting themselves at huge risk to help their fellow human beings.

Their vital contribution will be celebrated this week, on Thursday, 19 August - World Humanitarian Day.

HelpAge International is marking this event too, as thousands of aid workers - although most people wouldn't think of it - are older people.

For instance, 75-year-old retired doctor Maung Maung Shien worked with …

29 Apr 2009 description

New research launched by HelpAge International to mark the anniversary of Cyclone Nargis reveals that older people affected by the disaster have been unable to sufficiently restore their livelihoods and are facing long-term food insecurity.

Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar's Ayerwaddy Delta on 2 May 2008 destroying homes and crops and leaving over 84,000 people dead.

The study, undertaken in February 2009, interviewed older people in three affected townships.

28 Feb 2009 description

Executive summary

The cyclone that struck Myanmar on 2 May 2008 quickly became the country's most devastating disaster. Cyclonic winds, heavy rainfall and in some coastal areas, a 4 metre tidal surge, left a death toll of 84,537 victims, with 53,836 people regarded as missing and 19,359 injured. Overall, cyclone Nargis severely affected some 2.4 million people (of an estimated 7.35 million people living in the affected townships).

18 Jun 2008 description

HelpAge International CEO Richard Blewitt has been seconded to lead an Emergency Rapid Assessment Team in Myanmar, set up by the United Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The 250-strong team will stay for one month to carry out a long-awaited assessment of the needs of 2.4 million people affected by Cyclone Nargis, which stuck on 3 May.

11 Jun 2008 description

HelpAge International is reaching older people affected by Cyclone Nargis with vital medical care, working with local partner the YMCA.

Mobile Medical Units have treated 5,000 people from Kyaik Lat township in the Ayeyarwady Delta. Conditions treated include diarrhea, acute respiratory infections, skin disease, eye problems, trauma and other injuries.

These health risks are increased by poor sanitation and contaminated water.

30 May 2008 description

HelpAge International has so far reached over 6,000 people in Yangon and the Kyaik Lat township in the Ayeyarwady Delta, working with local partner the YMCA.

The two organisations have been collaborating for over four years to deliver homecare for older people in Yangon. Almost 100 households in the homecare programme have now been reached with relief supplies including food and non-food items such as tools to repair shelters.

In the township of Kyaik Lat, over 6,000 households have received bags of rice which will help to sustain them for over a month.

21 May 2008 description

It's only a 30 minute drive from Yangon to the village where HelpAge Korea and HelpAge International work in collaboration with the YMCA to deliver a homecare programme for older people.

An estimated 208,000 older people have been affected by Cyclone Nargis. This homecare programme is in a village that was badly hit by the cyclone.

The HelpAge International team in Myanmar went to see how those involved in the programme were coping.

Homes swept away

Although the village was not completely destroyed, some areas are still flooded.

13 May 2008 description

HelpAge International is supporting the efforts of the YMCA to bring relief to those affected by Cyclone Nargis.

Some 3,000 people have already been reached in the districts of Hlaingtharya, Bogalay and Labutta.

08 May 2008 description

HelpAge International is to work with its partner in Yangon, the YMCA, to deliver aid to older people affected by Cyclone Nargis. Some 300 YMCA volunteers have been mobilised to respond and will initially target 10,000 people in the three districts of Hlaingtharya, Bogalay and Labutta.

07 May 2008 description

HelpAge International is coordinating an emergency response team to assess the situation of the estimated 170,000 older people in Myanmar affected by Cyclone Nargis. The team will arrive in the city of Yangon over the next few days.

Cyclone Nargis struck the southwest of the country on Saturday 3 May with winds of up to 150 miles per hour. The cyclone swept away homes and destroyed crops.

The death toll, currently estimated at 22,500, continues to rise and as many as one million people have been left homeless.