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22 Jun 2017 description
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Executive Summary
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Global Overview of Drug Demand and Supply
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The Cannabis Market
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Market Analysis of Synthetic Drugs
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The Drug Problem and Organized Crime, Illicit Financial Flows, Corruption and Terrorism

22 June 2017 - In 2015 about a quarter of a billion people used drugs. Of these, around 29.5 million people - or 0.6 per cent of the global adult population - were engaged in problematic use and suffered from drug use disorders, including dependence. Opioids were the most harmful drug type and accounted for 70 per cent of the negative health impact associated with drug use disorders worldwide, according to the latest World Drug Report, released today by UNODC.

27 Jun 2016 description

Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar) 27 June 2016 – In an effort to raise awareness and strengthen Myanmar’s response to the production, trafficking and use of illicit drugs, UNODC and the Government of Myanmar held a number of high-level policy discussions today.

17 Dec 2015 description

New UNODC survey notes stable opium cultivation in Lao PDR and Myanmar, cautions more needs to be done to address underlying causes of illicit cultivation.

01 Jul 2015 description

We, the undersigned*, welcome the convening later this week of the Emergency ASEAN Ministerial meeting on Transnational Crime: Irregular Movement of Persons in the South East Asia Region. The meeting provides a timely opportunity to move meaningfully forward on the comprehensive and durable solution called for by the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in Putrajaya on 20 May 2015, in keeping with the spirit of unity and solidarity of a people-oriented and people-centred ASEAN.

29 May 2015 description


An estimated 63,000 people are believed to have traveled by boat in an irregular and dangerous way in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea in 2014. Another 25,000 joined them in the first quarter of 2015. They are part of a complex, mixed migratory movement composed of refugees, stateless people and economic migrants. Unregulated and, until recently, inconspicuous, the scale of the movement has tripled since 2012 and the level and scale of abuse suffered by voyagers is unprecedented in recent times.

28 Apr 2015 description
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Migrant smuggling in Asia increasingly complex and dynamic, says UNODC

Bangkok (Thailand), 28 April 2015 — Smuggling of migrants poses a significant threat to Asia, generating an annual value of USD $2 billion for criminal groups and leading to deaths and human rights abuses, warns the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in a new report released today.

08 Dec 2014 description

Opium production in the Golden Triangle continues at high levels, threatening regional integration

Bangkok (Thailand) 8 December 2014 – Opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar and Lao PDR rose to 63,800 hectares (ha) in 2014 compared to 61,200 ha in 2013, increasing for the eighth consecutive year and nearly triple the amount harvested in 2006, according to a new UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report released today.

27 Jun 2014 description

Global drug use prevalence stable, says UNODC World Drug Report 2014

26 June 2014 - Drug use prevalence is stable around the world, according to the 2014 World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with around 243 million individuals, or 5 per cent of the world's population aged 15-64, having used an illicit drug in 2012. Problem drug users meanwhile numbered about 27 million, roughly 0.6 per cent of the world's adult population, or 1 in every 200 people.

29 May 2014 description

Beijing (China) 29 May 2014 – Faced with a rapid expansion of illicit drug markets and seizures in China and Southeast Asia, regional drug control officials from the Mekong states – Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam – and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime called today for more coordinated anti-drug operations and strategies to fight the region’s rapidly growing rise in production, trafficking and use of methamphetamine and opiates.

21 Feb 2014 description

21 February 2014 -The cultivation of illicit drug crops goes hand in hand with poverty and food insecurity. Weaning poor farmers off illicit crop cultivation requires sustainable alternative livelihoods, without which they will fall back on lucrative cash crops - coca leaf, opium poppy or cannabis - to survive. UNODC alternative development programmes therefore focus on providing economic and employment opportunities to communities subsisting on illicit crops.

27 Jan 2014 description

Significant investments needed to address weaknesses at border checkpoints in the Mekong Sub-region

27 January 2014 - A newly released UNODC study suggests that land-border checkpoints in the Greater Mekong Sub-region are largely ill-equipped to effectively tackle the threats posed by globalizing criminal networks. Without significant investments to address chronic weaknesses at the border, globalization may remain strongly associated with an increase in transnational organized crime.

19 Dec 2013 description

Golden Triangle opium production rises 22 per cent in 2013, says UNODC

18 December 2013 - Led by a 13 per cent increase in Myanmar opium cultivation to 57,800 hectares (from 51,000 ha in 2012), opium poppy cultivation in Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle of Myanmar, Lao PDR and Thailand rose for the seventh consecutive year, according to a new UNODC report.

08 Nov 2013 description

**Record-high methamphetamine seizures in Southeast Asia in 2012, UNODC reports::

26 Jun 2013 description

Rise in opium cultivation and continued expansion of methamphetamine markets top Asia illicit drug concerns

Yangon (Myanmar) 26 June – Despite an overall ‘stable’ global drug use situation, an increase in South-East Asia’s markets for amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) and a continuing rise in opium cultivation pose growing human security and public health challenges, according to a UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report released today.

22 Apr 2013 description

First comprehensive UNODC study on transnational organized crime threats in East Asia and the Pacific

03 Dec 2012 description

Pledges UN support for Myanmar's efforts on national reconciliation, anti-corruption, rule of law, HIV prevention and evidence-based drug treatment

1 December 2012 - In his first ever official visit to Southeast Asia, UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov met today with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Member of Parliament, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Rule of Law and Tranquility, and Nobel laureate, at her residence in Nay Pyi Taw.

31 Oct 2012 description

Long-term solution to poppy requires investments in peace, rule of law and alternative development

31 October 2012 - Opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar rose for the sixth consecutive year, despite a significant increase in Government eradication efforts, according to a new UNODC report.

26 Jun 2012 description

Around 230 million people -1 in every 20 people - took illicit drugs at least once in 2010: UNODC 2012 World Drug Report

21 May 2012 description

Hopong (Myanmar), 21 May 2012 - Myanmar remains the world's second largest opium poppy grower after Afghanistan, accounting for 23 per cent of opium poppy cultivation worldwide in 2011. UNODC estimates that 246,000 households are involved in opium cultivation in Myanmar, with 91 per cent of opium cultivation occurring in Shan State.

04 May 2012 description

4 May 2012 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has witnessed efforts by UNODC and the Government of Myanmar to support alternative development projects for the country's opium poppy farmers. As part of his official visit to Myanmar this week, the Secretary-General travelled to the southern Shan village of Kyauk Ka Cha to highlight the importance of addressing the relationship between food insecurity, poverty, poppy cultivation and armed conflict.