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01 Jul 2016 description



Emergency aid and reconstruction measures supported by Switzerland directly benefit around three and a half million people a year.
Given their scale and tragic consequences, Swiss Humanitarian Aid has focused its attention on the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. (p. 8)


17 Aug 2015 description

In Myanmar over a million people continue to suffer the consequences of the severe flooding that has affected the country since late July. Given the scale of the disaster, Swiss Humanitarian Aid has decided to commit an additional CHF 500,000. This brings the Swiss Confederation's emergency aid contribution to over CHF 600,000.

27 May 2015 description

As crises continue to multiply, the SDC gives priority to engagement in fragile contexts and conflict affected countries. Markus Heiniger, an SDC expert on the subject of “conflict and human rights”, here answers a few questions in the context of an international meeting which took place on 25 May 2015 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

25 Mar 2015 description



Contribute to political social and economic transitions in Myanmar that aim at a peaceful, inclusive and equitable society as well as democratically legitimised institutions.

Vocational Skills Development


Systemic changes in the vocational skills sector enable disadvantaged women and men of all ethnicities in peri-urban and rural areas to increase employment or self-employment

11 Mar 2015 description

Switzerland supports Myanmar in four areas of cooperation: employment and vocational skills development; agriculture and food security; health, social services and local governance; and peace promotion, democratisation and protection. The geographic focus is south-eastern Myanmar.


28 Feb 2015 description

Program at a Glance

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s Humanitarian Aid (SDC/HA) contributes to the improvement of lives of people affected by poverty and conflict in the Southeast of Myanmar by creating favourable conditions for trust building between the parties in the Myanmar peace process.

The objectives of the three community infrastructure programs in Mon and Kayin States are:

1) enhancement of the learning environment of children,

2) access to basic health care and water and sanitation facilities,

04 Sep 2014 description

The SDC is committed to developing quality vocational training that is adapted to the market in Myanmar. With this aim in mind, Swiss experts from the hotel industry have become involved. Apprenticeships for disadvantaged groups are funded in the capital and in the south-east of the country.

31 Oct 2013 description

Conclusion of school construction project in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta

After four years of work, the last of the 42 storm-resistant school houses in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta in Myanmar have been completed. The project led by Swiss Humanitarian Aid provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for more than 7,000 children as well as protection in the event of a disaster for up to 1,000 people per school house.

31 Aug 2013 description

Switzerland is committed to make significant contribution to a peaceful and prosperous future of Myanmar. Building on the almost twenty years experience of engagement in Myanmar context, the Swiss Cooperation Strategy Myanmar 2013-2017 will support the on-going government reforms with interventions in four domains, (1) employment and vocational skills development; (2) agriculture and food security; (3) health, social services and local governance; and (4) promotion of peace, democratisation and protection. The geographical focus of the SDC programs will be in South Eastern Myanmar.

27 May 2013 description

Une stratégie unique qui englobe pour la première fois l’aide humanitaire, la coopération technique et financière, les mesures de politique économique et commerciale et la coopération avec les pays de l’Est : ce tournant important a été salué aussi bien par le Parlement que par l’opinion publique, soulignent le directeur de la DDC Martin Dahinden et Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Secrétaire d’Etat et directrice du SECO, dans le rapport annuel 2012 sur la coopération internationale de la Suisse qui vient de sortir de presse.

27 May 2013 description

The just-published 2012 Annual Report on Switzerland's International Cooperation sets out a unified strategy that encompasses – for the first time – humanitarian aid, technical and financial cooperation, economic and trade policy measures, and cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe. SDC Director-General Martin Dahinden and State Secretary and Director of SECO Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch stress that this important milestone has been welcomed both by Parliament and by public opinion.

04 Sep 2012 description

Back to school – in buildings that offer a «safe haven» during natural disasters

Access to formal education has been restored in the areas of the Ayeyarwaddy Delta in Myanmar that were devastated by Cyclone Nargis. The first 30 permanent primary schools-cum-storm shelters have been completed: children can resume their education and the communities have a «safe haven» during natural disasters. The process for constructing the remaining 10 schools-cum-shelters began in 2012.

30 Jun 2012 description

Myanmar (Burma)
New opportunities for development

In response to recent political, economic and social changes in Myanmar, the Swiss Federal Council has decided to open an embassy in Myanmar. The current humanitarian aid programme is to be strengthened with a development programme to support the transition towards democracy, consolidate peace and reduce poverty. Funding will gradually increase to CHF 25 million per year.

Justifiable and necessary aid

30 Jun 2012 description

SDC Humanitarian Aid (HA)

The Swiss Confederation’s Humanitarian Aid is active since 1994 in the Myanmar context (the country itself including the refugee camps in Thailand), which became since 2001 a priority for SDC/HA with the presence of a Regional Humanitarian Coordinator responsible for SDC/HA activities in Thailand and Myanmar.

In the Medium Term Programme 2010 -12 SDC/HA goals are to restore and improve the living conditions and reduce vulnerability of people at risk. SDC/HA supports projects with the following objectives:

20 Oct 2011 description

I. Introduction

The project area is an estuarine basin of the Irrawaddy delta covered with a number of rivulets, creeks, canals and mangrove forests. Nutrient rich brackish water fluctuates twice daily, assorted species of fish, prawn, shrimps and crabs are in abundance seasonally. Both inland and estuarine fishery activities have been well practiced in the delta with the exception of the spawning season particularly in the premonsoon period.


31 Aug 2008 description

Humanitarian Aid support

The SDC’s Humanitarian Aid Department provided emergency relief to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. The priority needs of the 2.4 million people directly affected are drinking water, food, emergency shelter materials, basic medical services and resumption of essential, daily economic activities (livelihood).

On-the-spot emergency relief

27 Aug 2008 description

The Federal Council has approved an additional credit of CHF 9 million as aid to the Caucasus (CHF 2m) and for direct humanitarian aid programmes plus contributions to the World Food Programme (CHF 7m).

20 Jun 2008 description

On two recent occasions, Swiss Humanitarian Aid once again proved its availability and effectiveness, intervening simultaneously after two particularly lethal disasters: the cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, and the earthquake that devastated Sichuan in China. In both of these countries, the SDC had been active long before the disasters.

The SDC has been present in Myanmar for several years.

13 May 2008 description

A cargo plane chartered by the Swiss Confederation's Humanitarian Aid takes off this Wednesday for Yangon, where it is expected to land on the morning of Thursday, 15 May. A total of six Swiss experts will then be available for deployment in Myanmar.

Having now obtained a visa, the Bangkok-based Humanitarian Aid Coordinator can join his two colleagues who have been operational in Myanmar since last week. Two further logistics experts will be on board the cargo aircraft departing from Zurich along with emergency supplies.