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26 Nov 2012 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBOURG, 26 novembre 2012 (IRIN) - Les crises de réfugiés semblent commencer et se terminer. En 2011, tous les yeux étaient tournés vers le complexe de réfugiés de Dadaab, dans le nord du Kenya, alors qu’il accueillait des centaines de milliers de Somaliens qui fuyaient la famine et le conflit. Cette année, c’est l’exode des réfugiés syriens qui a attiré l’attention du public, même si la majorité des Somaliens qui sont arrivés à Dadaab l’an dernier y sont toujours.

21 Nov 2012 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 21 November 2012 (IRIN) - Refugee crises appear to come and go. In 2011, all eyes were on the Dadaab refugee complex in northern Kenya as it received hundreds of thousands of Somalis fleeing famine and conflict. This year, attention has shifted to the refugee exodus from Syria, even though the majority of Somalis who arrived at Dadaab last year are still there.

30 Jun 2011 description
report UN News Service

30 June 2011 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated his concern over the growing number of attacks on schools and hospitals and threats to children in armed conflicts around the world, stating that the United Nations is considering targeted measures against those who commit such crimes.

27 Jun 2011 description
report Human Rights Watch

Report Lists Repeat Offenders, but Military Aid Continues

(New York, June 27, 2011) – The United States should suspend military assistance to countries using child soldiers, Human Rights Watch said today.

On June 27, 2011, the US State Department released a list of six governments that use child soldiers in violation of US legislation adopted in 2008: Burma, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Five of the countries – excluding Burma – receive US military assistance.

14 Jun 2010 description
report Human Rights Watch

New US Report Names Six Governments That Could Lose Military Aid

(New York, June 14, 2010) - The United States should put pressure on governments identified by the State Department as using child soldiers to end the practice or lose US military assistance, Human Rights Watch said today.

The State Department's 2010 annual report on Trafficking in Persons, issued today, identifies six governments involved in the recruitment and use of child soldiers.

19 May 2010 description

Executive Summary

The cluster approach was introduced as part of humanitarian reform in 2005. It seeks to make humanitarian assistance more effective by introducing a system of sectoral coordination with designated lead organizations.

19 May 2010 description

Résumé exécutif

L'approche Cluster a été introduite dans le cadre de la réforme humanitaire en 2005. Elle vise à apporter une assistance humanitaire plus efficace en instaurant un système de coordination sectorielle avec des organisations chefs de file désignées. Depuis 2005, beaucoup d'énergie, de temps et d'argent ont été investis dans la mise en oeuvre de l'approche Cluster aux niveaux global et des pays.

28 Jan 2010 description


The first dialogue to explore ways of enhancing the effectiveness of humanitarian response brought together 40 leaders of UN humanitarian organizations, NGOs, the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, the IOM and World Bank in Geneva, Switzerland on 12 -13 July 2006.

It was agreed by the 40 leaders that a meeting of a new Global Humanitarian Platform would be jointly planned by the UN, the NGOs and the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement and would be 'flexible, ad hoc, time-bound and action-oriented.' Furthermore the new platform would meet annually for three years, to …

31 Dec 2009 description
report ACTED


Chad: Five years at the heart of the desert

In the field

  • Female volunteers participate to an ACTED project in Pakistan
  • Back to School in Gaza (oPT)
  • Building boats in the Delta (Myanmar)
  • Opening- up of Kouki (CAR)
  • The issue of drought in the Horn of Africa (Uganda)
  • The "Sanitized village" programme: At the heart of the sanitation issue (DRC)
  • ACTED-PSF Cambodia: A multidemensional struggle against HIV/AIDS

OXUS Tajikistan: Khosiat and her candyshop

28 Dec 2009 description
report Oxfam

La organización humanitaria ha construido 10.800 pozos de agua, 2.900 viviendas, 102 escuelas, 31 puentes y 100 kilómetros de vías de comunicación

Oxfam Internacional, Intermón Oxfam en España, cerrará sus =FAltimos proyectos de ayuda humanitaria en los países del sudeste asiático que en diciembre de 2004 fueron arrasados por un tsunami. Cinco años después, la organización finaliza la mayor respuesta humanitaria de su historia habiendo ayudado a unos 2,5 millones de personas.

Oxfam Internacional destaca que su trabajo en la zona ha sido posible gracias a una respuesta sin precedentes …

07 May 2009 description
report European Union


The European Parliament ,

– having regard to the tenth European Union Annual Report on Human Rights (2008) (Council document 14146/1/08),

– having regard to Articles 3, 6, 11, 13 and 19 of the Treaty on European Union and Articles 177 and 300 of the EC Treaty,

– having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to all relevant international human rights instruments(1) ,

28 Apr 2009 description
report Human Rights Watch

Des individus connus pour avoir recruté des enfants sont promus à des postes gouvernementaux et militaires clés

(New York, le 28 avril 2009) - Le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies devrait imposer des sanctions à l'encontre des gouvernements et des groupes armés qui utilisent des enfants soldats, commettent des violences sexuelles sur des enfants et attaquent des écoles, et devrait encourager de réelles poursuites judiciaires contre les commandants responsables, a déclaré Human Rights Watch aujourd'hui. Le Conseil de sécurité tiendra un débat public sur les enfants et les …

28 Apr 2009 description
report Human Rights Watch

Known Child Recruiters Promoted to Key Government, Military Posts

(New York, April 28, 2009) - The United Nations Security Council should impose sanctions on governments and armed groups for using child soldiers, sexual violence against children, and attacks on schools, and should promote effective prosecution of the commanders responsible, Human Rights Watch said today.

04 Mar 2009 description

2008 was a year of major humanitarian challenges. Natural disasters such as Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the devastating earthquake in China, flooding in India and Brazil or the hurricanes in the Caribbean once again highlighted the dangers of the unbridled forces of nature. In the complex political crises in Africa, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq, unresolved conflicts made it impossible to improve the precarious humanitarian situation of people living there.

23 Feb 2009 description


Many Kenyans are suffering extreme drought-caused food shortages.

Without immediate intervention and assistance, starvation in parts of Kenya will become a reality, according to a recent Church World Service assessment.

CWS is working with four local partners to provide assistance to 20,237 people in the agricultural districts of Makueni and Mwingi in Kenya's Eastern Province.

30 Sep 2008 description
report ACTED

ACTED HAITI: ACTED is working towards the humanitarian crisis response in Haiti

"Haiti is dogged by bad luck". This is the sad reality that has been revealing itself in these last weeks after the subsequent passage of the cyclones Gustav and Ike and of the tropical storms Fay and Hannah over the lands and coasts of the is-land. The cyclones hit the South and the West, while the tropical storms stroke the North and the North West of the island.

According to the last rapports of the Haitian Civil Protection Direction, more than 400 people died during the floods and 60 are …

31 Jul 2008 description
report ACTED

ACTED Chad: The assistance to Sudanese refugees is also extended to the rural populations of Abeche

In July 2007, ACTED Chad started a drinking water access and hygiene promotion programme in Eastern Chad. This programme, in collaboration with OFDA, has permitted the construction of 13 wells and two underground dams in the canton of Khachim al Wadi, doubling the drinking water access in 9 villages.

A broad hygiene promotion campaign has been launched for the ten thousands beneficiaries of water distribution points. The programme has been achieved in June 2008.

30 Jun 2008 description


Ethiopia- Failure of the last seasonal rains

The failure of the last seasonal rains has affected cereal and root crops as welll as livestock conditions. As a result, the number of emergency beneficiaries has increased from an estimated 2.2 million in April to 4.6 million in June 2008. The most affected areas are in SNNPR, Oromya ans Somalia regions. Deteriorating situations have also been reported in Afar and Amhara regions. Although the rains have recently improved and humanitarian interventions have been put in place, the emergency has not yet fully beem addressed.