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20 Feb 2018 description

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 20 February 2018: Calling for continued efforts to further scale up health services for nearly 1.3 million people in Cox’s Bazar, Rohingyas and their surrounding host communities, the World Health Organization today said six months after the start of the refugee crisis, the vulnerable populations remain at risk of several diseases and in need of critical services for survival.

20 Feb 2018 description

This Situation Update describes events occurring in Bilin Township, Thaton District, during the period between February and April 2016, including drugs, healthcare, development, military activity, and villagers concerns .

  • Drug use has increased in Billin Township, particularly among young people. Local authorities have not taken any action against drug trafficking, and villagers are concerned that drugs will continue to impact children and youth in the area.

20 Feb 2018 description

This Situation Update describes events occurring in Bilin Township, Thaton District during the period between November and January 2017, including military activity, development, healthcare, livelihoods, Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army (KNU/KNLA) situation and logging.

  • The Tatmadaw Light Infantry Division #44 and the Border Guard Force gathered and worked together to patrol around various villages in Bilin Township, Thaton District, starting from April 23rd to December 31st 2016.

20 Feb 2018 description
report The Irrawaddy

By Lawi Weng 14 February 2018

Three ethnic Kachin internally displaced persons (IDPs) were released by the Myanmar Army after being forced to work as porters in Mansi township, but two others had yet to return to the Maing Hkawng camp for IDPs, according to local sources.

Naw Mai, a Maing Hkawng camp leader, told The Irrawaddy on Wednesday that three IDPs “came back safely to the camp.”

20 Feb 2018 description

Cox’s Bazar /Kuala Lumpur/Geneva, 20 February 2018 – More than 380,000 children risk losing their future as the situation in southeast Bangladesh threatens to become a prolonged crisis.

20 Feb 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • During the past seven days, 230 suspected diphtheria cases were reported - compared with 298 cases in the previous week – indicating a clear declining trend. UNICEF and partners vaccinated 391,678 children during the second round of the diphtheria vaccination campaign during 27 Jan to 10 Feb.

  • As of 13 February 2018, 287,200 people have access to safe water and 389,050 people have access to sanitation facilities

    UNICEF is providing non-formal education to 81,937 children and psychosocial support to 140,037 children.

19 Feb 2018 description
report CARE

Cox’s Bazar (25 February 2018) – Six months after more than 688,000 refugees from Myanmar fled from mass violence to neighboring Bangladesh, providing continued support for medical treatment, sanitation, and shelter remain the most pressing needs.

19 Feb 2018 description


As many as 273,000 people newly displaced, half of whom are minors, were recorded between 15 December and 29 January in central and northern Idleb and northern Hama due to a government-led offensive in the governorates (OCHA, 7 Feb 2018; OCHA, 23 Jan 2018; Save the Children, 17 Jan 2018). Parts of the contested areas have reportedly been emptied of civilians (OCHA, 16 Jan 2018). Most of the population in the town of Saraqab, in Idleb province, has been displaced (OCHA, 7 Feb 2018).

19 Feb 2018 description

Kate Nolan, MSF emergency coordinator in Bangladesh

Since 25 August 2017, nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh. They join tens of thousands of others who were fled there after previous periods of tension and violence in neighbouring Rakhine state, Myanmar. The thing I find most striking about this situation is its magnitude – the sheer number of people who have crossed the border in a short space of time, barely six months. In fact, people continue to arrive today.

19 Feb 2018 description

This Situation Update describes events occurring in Htantabin Township, Toungoo District during the period between August and October 2017, including healthcare, education, villagers’ livelihoods, gambling, Tatmadaw activities and location.

18 Feb 2018 description

Key messages

  • International prices of wheat and maize were generally firmer in January, supported by weather-related concerns and a weaker US dollar. Export price quotations of rice also strengthened mainly buoyed by renewed Asian demand.

  • In East Africa, in the Sudan, prices of the main staples: sorghum, millet and wheat, rose sharply for the third consecutive month in January and reached record highs, underpinned by the removal of wheat subsidies and the strong depreciation of the Sudanese Pound.

17 Feb 2018 description
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February 17th, 2018 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has sent a medical team to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to conduct the 12th edition of its annual cardiac catheterization programme for poor children with congenital heart problems.

This is the first of 23 medical missions planned by QRCS for 2018, including cardiac catheterization for children, open-heart surgery, eye camps, etc. These missions would cover 13 countries in Asia and Africa.

16 Feb 2018 description

Conseil des droits de l’homme
Trente-septième session
26 février-23 mars 2018
Point 3 de l’ordre du jour
Promotion et protection de tous les droits de l’homme, civils, politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels, y compris le droit au développement

Note du secrétariat