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13 Sep 2017 description
report ACTED

Plus de 130 000 Maliens sont réfugiés dans les pays voisins (43,3% au Niger, 33,6% en Mauritanie et 23,1% au Burkina Faso) du fait de l’insécurité et de l'instabilité politique frappant le Mali.

18 Jul 2013 description
report ACTED

Food crisis, drought, chronic hunger, rising food prices: the Sahel region continues yet again to suffer from recurrent food and nutrition crises. After 2005 and 2010, the populations of the Sahel region have had to face yet another crisis in 2012, following a disastrous agricultural season in 2011.

31 Jul 2012 description
report ACTED

Since the beginning of the conflicts in Northern Mali, some 202,600 people have fled their villages to find refuge in neighboring countries Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger. Some 155,000 are currently displaced within the country, notably in the South and in capital city Bamako.

19 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

NIAMEY [ACTED News] - The joint report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme, “Food security and humanitarian implications in Western Africa and in the Sahel”, published in December 2011, reports that the Sahelian Belt accounted for a 2.5 million metric ton cereal deficit. Import predictions should provide balance, but availability is unequal in the region, in a context that has seen dry cereal prices continuously increase since November.

02 Jun 2010 description
report ACTED

Les partenaires d'Alliance2015 demandent à l'Union européenne de définir des objectifs contraignants pour atteindre les Objectifs du Millénaire (OMD)

Lors d'une audition au Parlement européen, une coalition de sept ONG, reconnues pour leur travail humanitaire et leur expertise en matière de développement, ont enjoint la Commission européenne à se positionner en tant que leader audacieux et responsable dans la préparation du sommet des Nations Unies sur les Objectifs du Millénaire.

Le rapport publié par Alliance2015, intitulé « 2015 Watch: The EU's Contribution to the …