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31 Dec 2016 description
report Mixed Migration Hub
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Monthly trend report

Covering mixed migration to, through & from NORTH AFRICA

About: MHub is the regional knowledge hub and secretariat for the North Africa Mixed Migration Task Force, comprising of DRC, IOM, OHCHR, RMMS, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNICEF and UNODC. It promotes a human rights-based approach to ensure the protection of people moving in mixed and complex flows to, through and from North Africa.

27 Dec 2016 description

358,403 arrivals by sea in 2016

4,913 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 21 December

1,012,275 arrivals in 2015

22 Dec 2016 description

1. Summary

In November 2015, more than 1,000 Cuban nationals were reported to be camped out at the Paso Canoas border crossing with Panama. In view of requirements for entering the country and the fact that these migrants did not meet them, a significant amount of people began to congregate in this border community, taking to living in the streets while they waited for a solution to their immigration status. The Costa Rican government issued permits allowing migrants to enter the country and continue on their way to the United States.

21 Dec 2016 description
  • 358,156 arrivals by sea in 2016

  • 4,901 dead/missing

  • published 09:00 CET 20 December

  • 1,012,275 arrivals in 2015

20 Dec 2016 description
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Regional Overview - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 20 Dec 2016.
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Greece - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 20 Dec 2016.
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Italy - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 20 Dec 2016.

Increasing numbers of refugees and migrants take their chances aboard unseaworthy boats and dinghies in a desperate bid to reach Europe The vast majority of those attempting this dangerous crossing are in need of international protection, fleeing war, violence and persecution in their country of origin Every year these movements continue to exact a devastating toll on human life.

15 Dec 2016 description

Trends of Sea Arrivals

Between 05 and 11 December, 698 refugees and migrants crossed the sea from Turkey to the Greek islands – an increase from the 144 who crossed the previous week. Thus far, 172,607 persons have arrived to Greece by sea in 2016 in comparison to 856,723 who crossed during the same period in 2015. As of 04 December, the main countries of origin of those who arrived in Greece remain the Syrian Arab Republic (47%), Afghanistan (24%) and Iraq (15%). Children comprised 37% of arrivals with men making up 42% and women 21%.

12 Dec 2016 description


In 2015, a significant number of refugees and migrants made the journey across the Mediterranean Sea risking their lives to reach Europe. More than one million people arrived on unseaworthy boats last year while the number of those arriving in 2016 significantly decreased after March. As of 30 September 2016, some 303,838 people had crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Of those reaching European shores so far this year, 61% were nationals of the world’s top 10 refugee-producing countries.


09 Dec 2016 description

352,471 arrivals by sea in 2016

4,733 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 9 December

1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

08 Dec 2016 description

Mejoran las perspectivas agrícolas mundiales, pero las temporadas de carestía acechan en un futuro inmediato

8 de diciembre de 2016, Roma - Los conflictos civiles y el impacto de una meteorología adversa han afectado gravemente a la seguridad alimentaria en 2016, aumentando el número de países que necesitan ayuda alimentaria, según un informe de la FAO. La nueva edición de Perspectivas de cosechas y situación alimentaria, publicada hoy, subraya que 39 países necesitan de ayuda externa para conseguir alimentos.

08 Dec 2016 description

Les perspectives agricoles mondiales s’améliorent malgré la menace de saisons maigres dans un futur proche

08 Dec 2016 description

Ongoing conflicts continue to intensify food insecurity

Global agricultural prospects are improving but lean seasons loom in near future

8 December 2016, Rome - Civil conflict and weather-related shocks have severely stressed food security in 2016, increasing the number of countries in need of food assistance, according to a FAO report. The new edition of the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report, released today, highlights 39 countries that are in need of external assistance for food.

07 Dec 2016 description

Poursuite d’une résurgence en Mauritanie et développement de plus petites en Érythrée et au Yémen

02 Dec 2016 description
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General Situation during November 2016
Forecast until mid-January 2017

02 Dec 2016 description

Desert Locust outbreak continues in **Mauritania** while smaller ones develop in **Eritrea** and **Yemen**

01 Dec 2016 description

159,427 Sea arrivals Jan-Oct 2016
140,987 Sea arrivals Jan-Oct 2015

01 Dec 2016 description

Between 1 January and 31 October 2016, 24,902 children arrived to Italy by sea: 91% of children arrived unaccompanied (22,772). UASC account for some 14% of all sea arrivals in the above period, an increase of around 110% compared to the same period of 2015.