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01 Apr 2014 description

25 years of forced migration

Jeff Crisp

During the past 25 years, Forced Migration Review (FMR) has played a vital role in enabling researchers, practitioners and policymakers to exchange information and ideas on refugee-related issues. In this article, Jeff Crisp provides a personal (and alphabetical) perspective on some of the events, trends and organisations that FMR has covered over the past two and half decades.

31 Aug 1999 description

Media coverage of the Kosovo crisis has given the impression that UNHCR and the relief agencies were overwhelmed by the influx of refugees into Macedonia and that it was highly fortunate that NATO was on hand to save the day. Such is the aftermath of NATO's large and slickly publicized humanitarian operation. This impression is questionable.

31 Aug 1999 description

On 10 June, the day after the sign-ing of the NATO-Yugoslav peace agreement, there were 138,600 refugees living with host families in Macedonia(1) with a further 106,500 refugees living in camps(2). By early August, 15,000 refugees remained with host families and 5,000 in camps. Of the original eight camps/transit centres, only three remained open.