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16 Apr 1999 description

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says thousands more refugees from Kosovo have crossed the border into Macedonia, where aid agencies are braced for a huge influx of people.

UNHCR spokeswoman Paula Ghedini says about 3,000 ethnic Albanian refugees arrived near the north-western border village of Lojane, 20 kilometres west of Kumanovo, and were given permission to enter the country.

"The Macedonian authorities told us that there are 3,000 people at Lojane on the border and they have given permission for them to be transferred to the camp at Brazda," …

16 Apr 1999 description

As the air campaign moves into its 23rd day, refugees continue to arrive in Macedonia and the UNHCR says it fears there could be at least another 20,000 on the way.

At least another 3,000 refugees crossed into Macedonia from Kosovo on Thursday.

They have all come from an area known as Urosevac, a fact that suggests there is a systematic program of ethnic cleansing currently underway there.

16 Apr 1999 description

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has predicted Kosovo will be empty of ethnic Albanians within a few weeks.

24 Mar 1999 description

A squadron of US B-52 bombers has taken off from a British air force base, the Ministry of Defence said but refused to say why or where they were going.

The first bomber took off from RAF Fairford in western England at 9:42pm AEDT followed by seven more at two-minute intervals.

Eight of the huge American bombers are based at Fairford.

Just minutes later Defence Secretary George Robertson told the House of Commons defence select committee, "this is one of the gravest days that we and our NATO colleagues have faced."

12 Feb 1999 description

NATO has agreed in principle to send an extra 6-thousand troops to Macedonia, in preparation for the rapid deployment of a possible peacekeeping force in neighbouring Kosovo.

The move is designed to ensure NATO can put troops in Kosovo within days of the Serbian authorities and rebel ethnic Albanian striking a deal to end the conflict.