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27 Jun 2016 description

Joint NGO statement ahead of the European Council of 28-29 June 2016 NGOs strongly condemn new EU policies to contain migration

At the upcoming European Council, European Union (EU) leaders will discuss the European Commission’s Communication on a new Partnership Framework with third countries. The Communication proposes an approach which aims to leverage existing EU and Member States' external cooperation instruments and tools in order to stem migration to Europe.

04 Feb 2016 description

A large transit camp with facilities appropriate for cold weather at the Greek border with “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (Macedonia) is now working at its full capacity providing relief and emergency assistance to refugees arriving in the area with the aim of crossing the border.
Access to the camp in the town of Idomeni had been previously arbitrarily restricted by the Greek police.
Thousands of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants had been sleeping out in the open in a gas station in Polikastro, 20 km away, while the camp was empty or partly empty.

26 Jan 2016 description

The Greek authorities are arbitrarily restricting access to a large transit camp at the Greek border with “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. The camp would provide facilities that are appropriate for cold weather. This barring of access is putting the well-being of thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants at risk.

04 Dec 2015 description

Amid increasing tension and violent clashes in the policing of refugees and migrants protesting at the Greek-Macedonian border, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia) border police must show restraint and comply fully with international policing standards, said Amnesty International today.

21 Nov 2015 description

New border control rules implemented almost simultaneously by the governments of Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia over the past 48 hours have resulted in large-scale renewed human rights violations, including collective expulsions and discrimination against individuals perceived to be economic migrants or refugees on the basis of their nationality, Amnesty International said today.

24 Aug 2015 description

Dirty, overcrowded detention centre, people crowded onto a car park and many left to walk in sweltering heat

33,000 people have arrived on Lesbos since start of this month alone

Amnesty representative currently on the Macedonia-Greece border

Severe shortages in facilities and staffing are creating dreadful conditions for the hundreds of refugees and migrants arriving every day on the Greek island of Lesbos, Amnesty International said after one of its research teams returned from the island.

23 Aug 2015 description
  • Macedonia sealed border Thursday, rationed entry

  • Migrants stormed through police lines on Saturday

  • State laying on extra trains, buses carrying migrants north

  • Over 5,000 enter Serbia on Sunday (Recasts with Serbia arrivals)

By Fatos Bytyci

GEVGELIJA, Macedonia, Aug 23 (Reuters) - More than 5,000 migrants crossed into Serbia on Sunday, resuming a journey to western Europe after an overwhelmed Macedonia gave up its attempts to stem the flow of mainly Syrian refugees by force.

23 Aug 2015 description

23 August 2015

Spokespeople on the ground available for interview

Almost all the people stuck at the Greek border in the last three days, including many Syrian and Afghan refugees and asylum-seekers, have safely crossed into Macedonia bringing a temporary calm to the tense situation there in recent days, said Amnesty International.

07 Jul 2015 description

Balkans: Refugees and migrants beaten by police, left in legal limbo and failed by EU

Thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants – including children – making dangerous journeys across the Balkans are suffering violent abuse and extortion at the hands of the authorities and criminal gangs and being shamefully let down by a failing European Union (EU) asylum and migration system which leaves them trapped without protection in Serbia and Macedonia, said Amnesty International in a new report.

30 Aug 2012 description

Balkans: Thousands still missing two decades after conflicts

If I could know where my son Albion is, and if I could bury him and put a flower on his grave and I would be in a better place

Nesrete Kumnova, from Kosovo whose son’s body is believed to be among those transported to Serbia, and reburied there, during the 1999 conflict.

Some 14,000 people remain unaccounted for in the countries that make up the former Yugoslavia – nearly half of the total number who disappeared in the decade since war broke out in 1991.

15 Aug 2002 description

News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International
EUR 65/017/2002

The continued impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of abuses committed during the conflict in Macedonia will perpetuate lack of respect for the rule of law, Amnesty International said today as it released the report Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Dark Days in Tetovo.

10 Sep 2001 description
  • News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International *
30 May 2001 description

AI Index: POL 10/005/2001
Publish date: 30/05/2001

28 Jun 1999 description

News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International
News Service 124/99
AI INDEX: EUR 65/04/99
"No one knows that I am here. I am too old to go anywhere else, it was very difficult for me to travel here and to come to the border. I just want God to take me."