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17 Aug 2001 description

In Macedonia, tens of thousands of people have left their homes and over 50,000 are scattered throughout the country. In response, CRS/Macedonia has begun distributing basic supplies to 15 collective centers in the Skopje and Kumanovo regions. To date, the following items have been sent to the displaced families in these centers:

  • Baby food
  • Diapers
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Soaps
  • Plastic baby tubs
  • Other hygienic and non-food items
CRS/Macedonia is working closely with the Macedonian Red Cross to help meet these families' ongoing needs.
13 Jul 2001 description

In Macedonia, tens of thousands of people have left their homes and nearly 40,000 are scattered throughout the country. Catholic Relief Services continues to operate a $2 million program, supporting education and small business projects.

06 Jul 2001 description

The small Balkan nation of Macedonia is being rocked by further violence, which is causing a deteriorating humanitarian situation in the region. Fighting between ethnic-Albanian guerillas and Macedonian security forces continues in the north of the country, but civil unrest has also spread to the country's capital, Skopje. This has forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. There are some 40,000 displaced people within Macedonia itself and more than 70,000 have crossed into Kosovo.

04 Jun 2001 description

Peace is elusive in Macedonia. "It's a bit tense here. We can hear shelling outside the office and much of the staff can hear it from their homes," said Tom Price, Catholic Relief Services Regional Communications Officer for Europe. As for the people of Macedonia, "Homes that stood in the way of the fighting have been destroyed or badly damaged," said Price.

02 May 2001 description

Refugees fleeing fighting in Macedonia, had a bitter journey as they crossed into Kosovo. They came across small, sometimes snowy mountain passes on foot bringing with them the few items they could carry. They were escaping the fighting in their home country of Macedonia and trying to find safety in another land. Catholic Relief Services sent vehicles to wait for the travelers and then transported thousands of these refugees from the brutal mountains down to Prizren, Kosovo. Once in Prizren, the refugees were placed with host families, some of whom graciously accepted as many as 20 people.

10 Apr 2001 description

Fortunately, military activity has slowed significantly in Macedonia and the 40,000 refugees and displaced persons are slowly starting to return to Tetovo to rebuild their lives. However, the Kosovo province continues to host some 8,000 refugees and it may take some time for them to safely return to Macedonia.

27 Mar 2001 description

Fighting intensified over the last several days as Macedonian forces attempted to dislodge rebel forces from the Tetovo area of Macedonia. The country is waiting to see if there will be any peace talks between the Albanian rebels and the Macedonian government.

26 Mar 2001 description

Just two years after the world watched the region around Serbia's Kosovo province deteriorate, tensions rise again. This time the neighboring country of Macedonia suffers from conflict and refugees are fleeing to Kosovo to avoid the fighting. For weeks the Macedonian government has been trying to pacify aggressive ethnic Albanian militants operating in the areas surrounding Tetovo, Macedonia, a predominantly Albanian town close to the border with Kosovo. The militants have also been causing problems in some of the small villages north of the Macedonian capital of Skopje.