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01 Mar 2006 description

The Government has approved a new cooperation strategy for development cooperation with Macedonia for the period 2006-2010.

03 Feb 2005 description

The Government decided today to send two election monitors and four election observers to Macedonia for the forthcoming local government elections on 13 March.

"By sending election observers to Macedonia, Sweden emphasises its interest for the country's continued democratic development," says Minister for International Development Cooperation Carin Jämtin.

The decision to send election observers follows a request from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The main objective of Sweden's development cooperation with Macedonia is to support …

27 Mar 2002 description

Unofficial translation

The Government decided today to contribute SEK 2.6 million to a new regional centre in Slovenia which will work with children in the Western Balkans. Sweden will finance a sub-project for training teachers to work with children suffering from trauma after their distressing experiences of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Yugoslavia.

The grant is part of the Government's international efforts to support children in vulnerable situations.

10 Jul 2001 description

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has decided to grant SEK 15 million in financial support to the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees). The money will be used to support the UNHCR's intensified efforts to help refugees in and from Macedonia (FYROM - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The money will be taken from the fund for unforeseen requirements, earmarked for the UNHCR by Sweden.

At the same time, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs also granted SEK 5 million from the same fund to aid UNHCR activities in Afghanistan.

09 May 2001 description

Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Stockholm, Sweden

Press Release

Foreign Minister and President of the EU Anna Lindh, is deeply concerned over the inability to establish a broad coalition government in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

- More than one month has passed since the leadership of FYROM announced their intention to establish a broad coalition government to tackle the difficult situation the country finds itself in, without any progress being made.

10 Apr 2001 description

Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Press release

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms Anna Lindh, will represent the EU Presidency at the Contact Group meeting on the Western Balkans in Paris tomorrow, 11 April. The Contact Group is a high-level group which includes USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

26 Mar 2001 description

La ministre de la coopération, des migrations et de la politique d'asile conduira, les 27 et 28 mars, le voyage de la troïka européenne à Belgrade et à Sarajevo. Outre des discussions bilatérales avec les gouvernements yougoslave et bosniaque, une réunion régionale sur les migrations se tiendra le 28 mars à Sarajevo, à laquelle participeront la Yougoslavie, la Bosnie, la Croatie, la Macédoine et l'Albanie.

23 Mar 2001 description

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

21 Mar 2001 description

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Press release

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, will travel on Thursday to Skopje and Pristina together with Belgium’s Foreign Minister, Louis Michel, the EU High Representative, Javier Solana, and the External Affairs Commissioner, Chris Patten.

13 Jun 1999 description

The Government decided today on new Swedish contributions to the peace efforts in the Balkans. These comprise:

- participation of Swedish troops in Kosovo

- civil police, support for human rights, elections and other civil matters

- humanitarian assistance and reconstruction

- support for the return of refugees

- support for mine clearance, etc.

Participation of Swedish troops in KFOR

The Government commissions the Armed Forces to continue planning the participation of a Swedish mechanised battalion with engineering resources in KFOR (Kosovo Force).