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12 May 2000 description

"Peacekeepers cannot succeed when there is no peace to keep," the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, warned May 11, while adding that "Sierra Leone, like Bosnia before it, is an example of what happens when the parties to a peace settlement violate that settlement, wreaking havoc on everyone - peacekeepers and civilians alike."

14 Mar 2000 description

(This column by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright first appeared in The Washington Times March 14 and is in the public domain, no copyright restrictions.)


By Madeleine K. Albright

The United States wants a Europe that is united and strong, where democratic practices are deeply rooted and wars simply do not happen.

28 Sep 1999 description

Ambassador William Courtney, senior advisor to the U.S.

25 Jun 1999 description

Amb. Steinberg warns of dangerous mines, booby traps

Washington -- The U.S.

22 Jun 1999 description

(Calls for brighter future based on respect for human rights) (860)

Stenkovac, Macedonia - President Clinton told a cheering crowd in this refugee camp that "you have given my family and me a day we will remember for the rest of our lives.

"All we want," he said in impromptu remarks during his June 22 visit with the Kosovar Albanians housed here since they fled Belgrade's ethnic cleansing campaign against them, "is for you to be able to live your lives."

The President told the refugees that he is committed not only to making Kosovo safe for their …