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17 Jan 2003 description

Geneva, 17 January, 2003 - Last week, Macedonia saw the beginning of heavy torrential rains which caused the rivers Konjarka and Lipkovska to overflow. In Kumanovo, northeast from Skopje, over 200 households were flooded which resulted in the evacuation of some 600 persons from the settlements of Sredorek and Bavci.

16 Jul 2001 description

16/07/01, Skopje - "Do good to others and you will receive good things in return". So say the old people of Radusa, a village north of Skopje and only two kilometres from the border with Kosovo. Most of the village's 2,000 inhabitants are ethnic Albanians. Twice in six years, this community played host to several thousand refugees who came to them in need of shelter and protection, first from Bosnia in 1994, and then from Kosovo in 1999. But now it is the turn of the former hosts to ask for humanitarian support, as they find themselves displaced from their homes.

11 May 2000 description

Appeal Target : US$ 51,994,029
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 25,776,005
Geneva, 11 May 2000

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the revised appeal of EUBK01 for the Balkans. As the number of implementing members is high and the number of projects also high, the revision has once more been presented in a summary form with the details obtainable (as soon as possible) on the ACT web site.

23 Jun 1999 description

Geneva, June 23, 1999
Two ACT teams yesterday delivered the network's first direct relief inside Kosovo since air strikes and increased warfare put a stop to ongoing relief work in Kosovo back in late March.

15 Jun 1999 description

Geneva, June 15, 1999 - An ACT assessment team arrived Pristina, Kosovo at noon today (Tuesday).

14 Jun 1999 description

Geneva, 14.06.99 - An ACT Assessment Team is meeting in Skopje, Macedonia today (Monday). This three or four member team will go on a first assessment as soon as they possibly can obtain permission to enter Kosovo. This may happen as part of a larger UNHCR-led NGO assessment trip.
The ACT member agencies who have expressed interest in directly implementing projects in Kosovo are:

DanChurch Aid(DCA) - mine awareness, seconded staff,
International Orthodox Christian Charities(IOCC) - food, blankets along with tools, income generation,

28 Apr 1999 description

ACT APPEAL: Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Fed. Republic of Yugoslavia=A0-=A0No. EUKC91 - REVISION 2

22 Apr 1999 description