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07 Jul 1999 description

Ethnic Albanians make up 90 percent of the population of Kosovo. The province was autonomous for many years within the multi-ethnic country of Yugoslavia. At the very beginning of the strife that led to the break-up of Yugoslavia, Kosovo's autonomy was revoked by President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia. Tensions with Serbian authorities smoldered throughout the civil war elsewhere in Former Yugoslavia. For the past year there has been armed conflict pitting Kosovar guerrillas against Serbian police and troops in the province, punctuated by the killing of civilians on both sides.

24 Jun 1999 description

New York, June 24, 1999 -- Teams from the church emergency coalition, ACT, delivered relief supplies this week inside Kosovo for the first time since late March.

17 Jun 1999 description

New York, June 17, 1999 - As refugees return to Kosovo in increasing numbers, an aid team from Lutheran World Relief partner agencies is working there this week to prepare for the resumption of relief and rehabilitation work. Food, water systems, sanitation, building reconstruction and landmine awareness work are among the activities the four-person team is considering. One hope is to focus work in an area where both Albanian and Serbian Kosovars live.

17 Jun 1999 description

New York, June 17, 1999 -- Ten thousand Lutheran World Relief quilts and 8,400 health kits are being sent to the Balkans for use in Macedonia and possibly Kosovo. The 38-ton shipment will be distributed by Mercy Corps, an Oregon-based agency working in the Senokos refugee camp in Macedonia and preparing to aid displaced people and returning refugees in western Kosovo.

06 May 1999 description

In Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro

28 Apr 1999 description

Struga, Macedonia, April 28, 1999 -- More powerful than any NATO reconnaissance photo, more revealing than the cockpit video of an F-15, Zeke Cecu has a metaphor for events inside his homeland. He should know--he is a Kosovo relief official and a refugee himself. Earlier this month he fled through mountains and forests to Macedonia. His metaphor is straight out of the Balkan hill, almost biblical in what it evokes.

30 Mar 1999 description

56 People Sheltered in One Home, but Camps are Needed Soon