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04 Jun 1999 description

From FM Alert, Vol III, No. 22 - June 4, 1999

A new position paper written by European experts urges the European Union to take the lead in formulating a reconstruction framework for war-ravaged Balkan nations, stressing the region's need to be fully integrated into existing European political and economic institutions. Although fighting still rages in the separatist-minded province of Kosovo, post-conflict policy debates are already taking shape.

02 Jun 1999 description

The refugees arriving in Macedonia from neighboring Kosovo have already survived unspeakable hardships. Nevertheless, their travails may be just beginning. Only approximately five percent of the refugees possess all essential documents, such as passports and property titles. This lack of documents could greatly complicate repatriation efforts, especially given the large-scale destruction of Kosovo's housing stock. The process of forging mechanisms that address the document issue should commence immediately, thereby helping to facilitate repatriation once it becomes possible.

30 Apr 1999 description

Several of the national foundations and network programs in the Soros foundations network are responding to the war in Kosovo and the displacement of Kosovars. In Albania and Macedonia, the foundations are mobilizing existing resources and discretionary funds to undertake a range of important initiatives. Network programs, including the Forced Migration Projects, are working closely with the foundations in their specialized areas.

26 Feb 1999 description

From FM Alert, Vol. III, No. 8 - February 26, 1999