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30 Jan 2018 description


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a critical public health issue globally. If we are to preserve human and animal health, policy interventions and global collaboration are vital to improve our understanding of AMR dynamics and to inform containment and mitigation strategies.

09 Nov 2016 description

Five Balkan countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – are boosting their skills to improve hospital safety and reduce human and economic losses during disasters and health emergencies. This is resulting from a WHO/Europe’s extensive training of experts in Tirana, Albania, from 9 to 13 October 2016.

15 Aug 2016 description

Intense rainfall in Skopje and surrounding areas in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on 6 August 2016 caused flash floods and landslides that have led to at least 21 deaths. About 2000 people were evacuated, and 500 received medical assistance.

The Government is providing accommodation, food and water to those affected. New rainfall is expected towards the end of this week, but clean-up operations to remove floodwater from homes and disinfection activities are already under way.

25 Nov 2015 description


The unprecedented influx of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region poses a public health challenge that needs to be addressed in a timely and effective manner. An effective response to this challenge will require strengthening of national and regional health systems to ensure that all refugees and migrants have easy access to the needed health services. In dealing with such a challenge, the principles of equity, solidarity, human rights and dignity must be adhered to.

05 Oct 2015 description

WHO/Europe, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, trained over 150 medical professionals and Red Cross volunteers in preparing and responding to the health needs of refugees and migrants at three 1-day workshops in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Between 3000 and 7000 people currently enter the country daily.

The workshops included group work and discussions about the situation in the country and the public health challenges it presents, such as hospital preparedness and the need for regular information updates.

01 Oct 2015 description

A. Aim of this guidance

 The note outlines benefits, risks, options, and resources for supporting appropriate infant and young child feeding (IYCF) in children under 2 years of age in refugee and migrant transit situations in Europe.

18 Sep 2015 description


  • 411 567 refugees and migrants have reached Europe by sea so far in 2015, and a total of 2900 refugees and migrants have lost their lives in the Mediterranean in 2015 (estimates the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)).

  • Refugees and migrants have similar health problems to those of the European Region’s resident population, but the conditions in which they travel can acutely exacerbate or cause a lifethreatening deterioration in the health of people with chronic conditions.

04 Nov 2014 description


The present guidance aims to ensure that the health sector works with partners in the environment and other related communities, and follow a systematic process to:

02 Dec 2011 description

- 557 Fourth meeting of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s Independent Monitoring Board
- 559 Increased transmission and outbreaks of measles, European Region, 2011

- 557 Quatrième réunion du Comité de suivi indépendant de l’Initiative mondiale pour l’éradication de la poliomyélite
- 559 Augmentation de la transmission et des flambées de rougeole, Région européenne, 2011

19 Aug 2003 description

Severe Mobility Restrictions in West Bank and Gaza force Palestinian Population to change Health Services
During 2002, half of the Palestinian population was unable to consult their usual health services, due to border closures and curfews, a WHO survey reveals. Detours and long waiting hours at Israeli checkpoints led to considerable delays and often forced the population to divert to a different health facility.

30 Jun 2002 description

Rebuilding health systems: an overview of the dilemmas
by Joanna Macrae, Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Initiative

31 May 2002 description

WHO's Exceptional Measures for Health Needs in Emergencies. Gro Harlem Brundtland, WHO Director-General, announced exceptional action in response to health needs in emergency and crisis situations throughout the world. Her statement was made at the World Health Assembly, the WHO's 191 Member States' decision making body, which held its fifty-fifth annual meeting between 13 and18 May in Geneva.

13 Jun 2001 description

Newly displaced people in Kosovo - mainly as a result of renewed fighting between the Macedonian Security Forces and ethnic Albanian armed groups - are straining the response capacity of WHO Kosovo's reduced staff.

13 Jun 2001 description

Newly displaced people in Kosovo - mainly as a result of renewed fighting between the Macedonian Security Forces and ethnic Albanian armed groups - are straining the response capacity of WHO Kosovo's reduced staff.

18 May 2001 description

Regional Office for Europe
Emergency Preparedness and Response Programme

19 Aug 1999 description

(for the period 2 to 15 August 1999)
Field report on WHO Emergency Assistance Programme in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

This Health Bulletin includes information from WHO field visits, weekly Health Co-ordination Meeting Minutes chaired by UNHCR-WHO and report from UN agencies and NGOs. WHO cannot assess the veracity or validity of information provided by agencies.

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