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11 Dec 2003 description

Not much expected of government body charged with establishing fate of disappeared.

27 Nov 2003 description

Source: IWPR and Saferworld
Disarming civilians in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia means making them see guns are a threat to security, not a guarantee.

By David Quin, Vladimir Jovanovski and Ana Petruseva in Macedonia; Naser Miftari, Artan Mustafa and Jeta Xharra in Kosovo; and Ilir Aliaj and Lazar Semini in Albania (BCR No 470, 27-Nov-03)

Sweat pours down Emin Limani's face as he picks up gun after gun - and then shovels them into a furnace. He's melting them down as part of a scheme to disarm Kosovo.

30 Oct 2003 description

Thousands of Roma could be forcibly returned to Kosovo if, as seem likely, they turn down the offer of asylum in Macedonia.

03 Oct 2003 description

Fierce protests force government to back down over bid to teach Albanians and Macedonian students side by side.

05 Sep 2003 description

Security operation in Albanian-populated area scaled back because of concerns it might spark renewed ethnic violence.

19 Aug 2003 description

Progress has been made but doubts remain over the future of the republic's two ethnic groups.
By Ana Petruseva in Skopje (BCR No 454, 19-Aug-03)

Macedonia is still facing numerous challenges to its fragile peace two years after the Ohrid peace agreement brought an end to ethnic conflict.

Splinter guerrilla groups, an impoverished economy, weak state institutions, crime, corruption and a wide social gap between ethnic communities are still threatening to destablise the region.

29 Apr 2003 description

Deadly emissions from a smelting plant have doomed an entire generation in the town of Veles.

28 Feb 2003 description

Displaced Macedonians fear recent arson attacks signal campaign to deter them from returning to ethnic Albanian areas.

25 Feb 2003 description

A new European force is brought in to keep the peace in Macedonia.
By Evridika Saskova in Skopje (BCR No 409, 25-Feb-03)

The European Union's fledgling Rapid Reaction Force is expected to perform its first spell of duty in the next few weeks when it takes over from NATO's peacekeeping mission in Macedonia.

03 Feb 2003 description

Government insists it can contain shadowy Albanian militant group threatening a spring offensive.

09 Jan 2003 description

The Skopje authorities aim to have peace deal in place by 2004.

07 Nov 2002 description

Politicians are divided over which security organisation will best help the country achieve stability and growth.

21 Oct 2002 description

Albanian minority fears its numbers may be underestimated in the forthcoming census.

14 Aug 2002 description

Fresh arrests in Kosovo are the latest move in a KFOR campaign against Albanian hardliners throughout the region.

08 Aug 2002 description

The ruling party's nationalist rhetoric over Albanian security threats may be an attempt to bolster its flagging opinion poll ratings.

05 Jul 2002 description

Renewed dispute about the use of Albanian language on Macedonian passports may jeopardise parliamentary elections
By Arben Ratkoceri in Skopje (BCR No 348, 5-Jul-02)

Ethnic tensions are increasing following a row over the inclusion of the Albanian language in Macedonia's new passports.

The Ohrid agreement, which halted six months of armed conflict between the communities last year, stipulated that Albanian should be included on the cover of all travel documents.

30 May 2002 description

The Pristina assembly's much-criticised vote on the protectorate's borders stemmed from Albanian fears that their homeland will remain part of Yugoslavia.

19 Apr 2002 description

Brussels tells Macedonia's prime minister to honour peace commitments

12 Apr 2002 description

The country's rival communities are once again torn by internal struggles.

28 Mar 2002 description

Simmering feud between rival Albanian fighters bursts into the open