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29 Sep 2017 description

“It is in the interests of both Hungary and Europe for the Balkan migration route to remain closed, and in view of the fact that Macedonia is a country of key importance in this regard, we are cooperating with those Macedonian forces that are practicing this policy”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a press conference in Ohrid.

05 Mar 2016 description

Hungary is ready to build the fence on the Hungarian-Romanian border if necessitated by the migration situation, the Prime Minister’s chief advisor stated at a press conference.

28 Feb 2016 description

The number of migrants who seek to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border illegally is on the rise: some 500 attempted to cross the border illegally in January, 650 up to 15 February, and in the last ten days 110 migrants have sought to enter Hungary illegally per day on average, György Bakondi said at his press conference held on Saturday in Budapest.

09 Oct 2015 description
report IRIN

By Kristina Jovanovski

BUDAPEST, 9 October 2015 (IRIN) - Abdul says he fled Iraq after his father was killed by so-called Islamic State (IS). But now Abdul is in handcuffs.

The 18-year-old was caught by the Hungarian authorities crossing the Serbian border, which was sealed off by a razor-wire fence in September. He is being charged with breaking a new law that makes it a criminal offence to cross or vandalise the fence.

Less than a week after being detained, he is in court in the nearby town of Szeged, breaking down as he talks about his father’s death.

08 Sep 2015 description

Press Releases, 8 September 2015

We have met the authorities here in Budapest and have offered UNHCR's assistance to deal with the increasing number of refugees and migrants arriving in Hungary.

We have repeated our call for simplifying and streamlining registration, reception at the collection points, registration centres and reception centres and care for those who come to seek international protection.

25 Jul 2007 description

A number of glide numbers apply to the heat wave in Central Europe: HT-2007-000105-SRB, HT-2007-000105-ROM, HT-2007-000105-MKD, HT-2007-000105-MDA, HT-2007-000105-HRV

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 185 countries.

In Brief

This Bulletin is being issued for information only, and reflects the situation and the information available at this time.

23 Mar 2001 description

UMCOR has sent emergency grants in response to the flooding in Eastern Hungary and the Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in what is the region's worst flooding in 100 years. Funds will help provide food, hygiene items, blankets, drinking water, medical supplies and other relief goods. In the long-term, UMCOR partners will work to rehabilitate homes that have been damaged or destroyed. To join in this response, please give to UMCOR's International Disaster Response, #982450-8.

19 Aug 1999 description

In response to the changing situation in the republics of the former Yugoslavia, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has continued to provide relief to ethnic Albanian, Roma and Serb refugees while laying the groundwork for long-term reconciliation and reconstruction in the region.