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22 Mar 2018 description
report IHH

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter aid to 7 countries in the Balkans, distributing food, provisions and other basic needs to almost 5 thousand people.

24 Jan 2017 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

In the afternoon of 5 January 2016, the western and north-eastern parts of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were hit by a heavy snowstorm. In the evening, the temperatures decreased to 25 Celsius degrees below zero. The mountain passes through Gostivar, Kicevo, Kriva Palanka – Kustendil put a ban on the movement of heavy vehicles, while motor vehicles were moving in difficult conditions due to the icy road conditions.

12 Jan 2017 description

The lowest temperatures in decades and a blanket of heavy snow in parts of the Balkans, Greece, and Eastern Europe are causing dozens of deaths, power outages, and travel delays.

Authorities have blamed at least 73 deaths on the extreme weather, the coldest since 1963, including at least 15 people who froze to death in the Balkans this week -- four elderly men in Bosnia-Herzegovina, six people in Serbia, two homeless men in Kosovo, and an elderly woman and two homeless men in Macedonia.

10 Jun 2016 description

The 2015 International Annual Report describes how SOS Children’s Villages around the world supported children and strengthened families and communities in 2015 through community-integrated responses in care, education, health and emergency services.

The 573 SOS Children’s Villages around the world in 2015 are described as ‘care and protection hubs’ for their local communities, as they provided a range of locally-tailored services to support vulnerable children.

06 Feb 2015 description

• Heavy rains affected several areas of Zimbabwe in the last few days, causing floods mostly in Harare. Media reported several homes damaged and one person missing due to floods and ten people killed by lightning.
• In the next 48 h thunderstorms may affect several

03 Jan 2015 description

The situation

On 28 December 2014, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was hit by heavy snowfalls that resulted in snow drifts, two meters high in some places, limiting the movement of all types of vehicles on many highways and mountain corridors, cutting the communication with a number of mountain villages.

09 Aug 2012 description

Summary: CHF 92,668 had been allocated originally from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 9th February 2012 to support the Macedonian Red Cross in delivering assistance to some 1,300 beneficiaries, and to replenish the disaster preparedness stocks. However, the National Society revised its operational plan in view of the evolving situation with a budget increase of CHF 71,079 (Update n°1, 24th February 2012). The revised budget for this operation amounted to a total of CHF 163,747, reaching 5,100 beneficiaries.

25 Feb 2012 description

The situation

The unusually cold winter weather conditions that affected Macedonia in the form of heavy snowfalls and extremely low temperatures at minus 25 degrees Celsius in some places have resulted in numerous traffic problems especially in rural areas, and caused shortages of food supply and medical assistance. Residents are still exposed to hunger and frosts, especially the homeless people and those in remote villages cut off.

15 Feb 2012 description

MRC as a member of the national crisis management coordination body is actively involved in all the activities for coping with the emergency situation. Macedonian Red Cross receives daily updates for the situation in the country by its partners, as well as guidelines for solving certain problems.

09 Feb 2012 description

By Giovanni Zambello

The plight of thousands of people continues in Europe where forecasters say that icy conditions are unlikely to improve before the end of this week. In the last 11 days, several Red Cross societies have been in a race against time to reduce the impact of the extreme cold. Estimates so far suggest 389 have died, and official sources say the winter has been the most brutal in decades.

09 Feb 2012 description

CHF 92,668 has been allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Macedonian Red Cross in delivering immediate assistance to 1,300 beneficiaries. Unearmarked funds to repay DREF are encouraged.

Summary: Extreme cold and snowfall in the past two weeks have caused many problems in nine regions in Macedonia. On 8th February, more than 80 villages were reported to be totally isolated because of the snow. Governmental institutions are working on clearing the roads.

08 Feb 2005 description

Researched, written and published by the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI

Paul Harvey

14 Jun 2001 description

Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations