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16 Dec 2003 description

Skopje (dpa) - Macedonians handed over 7,500 arms during the 45-day weapon amnesty programme, aimed at decreasing illegal weaponry in the ethnically divided country.

Besides small arms, Macedonians and ethnic Albanians also voluntarily submitted some 100,000 pieces of ammunition and 165 kilos of explosives, Blagoja Markovski, the spokesman of the operation, said Tuesday at the end of the programme.

The programme started on November 1, as a joint action by Macedonian authorities and the United Nations Development Programme, which financed most of it.

It involved a …

01 Sep 2003 description

Skopje (dpa) - Macedonia's National Security Council gave the go-ahead to police on Monday to arrest ethnic Albanian gunmen active in the northwest, as hundreds of refugees fled fearing more violence.

President of the Security Council Boris Trajkovski said the Council ''fully supports the multiethnic police in its ongoing arrests of extremist group members terrorising the local population''.

31 Jul 2003 description

Skopje (dpa) - Macedonian police Thursday confirmed the presence of unidentified armed and uniformed groups in Albanian-dominated regions of the country's northwest, local media reported.

Confirmation followed a recent report that a former ethnic Albanian rebel group had rearmed at several improvised camps near the northwestern town of Kumanovo and villages around Skopje.

21 Mar 2003 description

Brussels (dpa) - European Union leaders on Friday pledged closer ties with Serbia and the Western Balkans in reply to the assassination of Serb Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

Leaders meeting in Brussels offered ''full support of the European Union (E.U.) in implementing the required reforms, allowing further progress towards European structures, and notably the E.U.''

An E.U.

10 Jan 2003 description

Kumanovo, Macedonia (dpa) - Some 100 houses in the northeastern Macedonian town of Kumanovo were flooded on Friday when torrential rain caused two local rivers to overflow.
There were no casualties reported, but the government sent several army units in the flooded area to contain the damage from the Kojnarka and Lipkovka rivers.

A total of 500 houses have suffered serious damage in two bouts of flooding in the predominantly Roma neighbourhoods of Kumanovo.

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