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27 Nov 2003 description

Source: IWPR and Saferworld
Disarming civilians in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia means making them see guns are a threat to security, not a guarantee.

By David Quin, Vladimir Jovanovski and Ana Petruseva in Macedonia; Naser Miftari, Artan Mustafa and Jeta Xharra in Kosovo; and Ilir Aliaj and Lazar Semini in Albania (BCR No 470, 27-Nov-03)

Sweat pours down Emin Limani's face as he picks up gun after gun - and then shovels them into a furnace. He's melting them down as part of a scheme to disarm Kosovo.

24 Sep 2003 description

In an exclusive interview with MIA news agency, Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Agaron Asatur said in Skopje on 23 September that an international conference dealing with borders in Southeast Europe should be convened. The purpose would be to fix the existing borders in the region once and for all and to regulate the status of national minorities, Asatur said.

23 Jul 2003 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf (2003) 30 23 July 2003
June 2003 in Tirana

Political Overview

Thessaloniki Summit

1. Prime Minister Fatos Nano and President Alfred Moisiu praised the results of the EU Summit in Thessaloniki. At a press conference on 21 June, the two said "a worthy representation of the country's entire efforts towards EU membership was successfully crowned" at the summit. Mr Nano also promised to step up efforts in fighting organised crime, corruption and trafficking

Talks on the Stabilisation and Association Agreement

30 Jun 2003 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2003)26 30 June 2003
May 2003 in Tirana

Political overview

Electoral reform

1. Albania's electoral reform is an ongoing process. Packages with amendments to the electoral code will be discussed in Parliament during the first week of June.

EU negotiations for the SAA and for the readmission agreement

06 May 2003 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2003)18 6 May 2003
March 2003 in Tirana

Political overview

Parliamentary committee on the municipality of Tirana

1. A parliamentary committee to investigate the use of public funds by the municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Culture during 1992-2002 was set up following a long debate within and outside Parliament. It began its activities during the last week of the month. A sharp dispute immediately arose, brought about by the lack of co-operation between the municipality and the members of the committee.

23 Apr 2003 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2003)22 23 April 2003
April 2003 in Tirana

Political overview

Electoral reform

1. The reform of the electoral system, started by the parliamentary bi-partisan committee, whose mandate ended on 7 April, has not yet been completed. However, the bi-partisan committee found an agreement on all the recommendations made by ODIHR. The still unsolved issue, to be decided in Parliament, remains the composition of the Central Electoral Commission and of the other electoral commissions.

New Party launched by Milo

14 Apr 2003 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2003)17 14 April 2003
February 2003 in Tirana

Political overview

EU negotiations on the Stabilisation and Association Agreement

28 Mar 2003 description

Szeged, 28.03.2003 - Walter Schwimmer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, has warmly welcomed commitments from four Southeast European countries to continue to strengthen security and the process of democratic reform in the region.

07 Feb 2003 description
report European Union

The Working Group on the Western Balkans held today a comprehensive discussion on the Refugees and IDPs in S/E Europe, initiated by the Presidency. The exchange of views that followed was based on the relevant text circulated by the Greek Presidency.

07 Feb 2003 description

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