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31 Dec 2002 description

United States Agency for International Development
Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance
Office of Transition Initiatives

31 Dec 2002 description

This document supplements the ICRC's Headquarters Appeal 2003and contains:

  • an overview of the ICRC's operations in 2003
  • a description of its presence in the field
  • a breakdown of its operational organization
  • a description of its target populations
  • a concise description of its programmes
  • a brief description of its 63 delegations
  • overall budget amounts
  • overall budget and budgets by programme for each delegation
The ICRC's operations in 2003 and the respective budget figures are presented in detail in the ICRC's Emergency Appeals 2003, …
19 Dec 2002 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2002)53 19 December 2002
November 2002 in Tirana

Political overview

NATO Membership Prospects

1. The North Atlantic Alliance, at its Prague summit, did not invite Albania to become a member. While seven other ex-communist countries have started Accession Talks, Albania was considered not to be ready at this stage. However, the NATO Secretary General, during his visit to the country, confirmed that Albania remains a potential candidate to be considered at a next summit.

Electoral Reform

19 Dec 2002 description
report UN Security Council

Report of the Security Council Mission to Kosovo and Belgrade, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
14-17 December 2002

I. Terms of reference of the Mission

17 Dec 2002 description

The government decided on 16 December that a concrete action plan for the implementation of the Ohrid peace agreement will be drafted by 23 December, "Utrinski vesnik" reported. The Ohrid peace agreement, which granted Macedonia's Albanian minority greater rights, was signed on 13 August 2001 by the leaders of key political ethnic Macedonian and ethnic Albanian parties, ending the conflict between the ethnic Albanian rebels of the National Liberation Army (UCK) and the Macedonian security forces.

16 Dec 2002 description

NATO'S Operation Amber Fox ended on 14 December and was succeeded by the 450-strong operation called Allied Harmony the next day, dpa reported (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 15 and 16 October, 15 and 28 November, and 12 December 2002 and "RFE/RL Balkan Report," 15 February, 8 March, 3 May, 16 August, and 15 November 2002). The new mission will focus on advising the Macedonian military and helping prepare that country for NATO membership (see "RFE/RL Balkan Report," 22 November 2002).

11 Dec 2002 description
report Council of Europe

Doc. 9519 revised
11 December 2002
Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography
Rapporteur: Mrs Ans Zwerver, Netherlands, Socialist Group

There are still 1.2 million internally displaced persons and refugees seeking durable solutions in South-Eastern Europe. Some of them have been in this situation for over ten years now.

09 Dec 2002 description

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - Local education experts from Macedonia arrived in Seattle, Washington on December 8 for a week-long study tour to the United States sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). A team of four education consultants will be visiting Seattle, Washington from December 8 to December 13, 2002 to examine various alternatives in the education sector and to exchange ideas and concepts with educational counterparts in the United States. The team members chosen for this program are all well-known experts in the field of educational reform in Macedonia.

06 Dec 2002 description

Skopje (dpa) - Macedonia will receive 46 million U.S. dollars in aid in 2003, if an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is reached and implemented, the European Commissioner for External Relations, Chris Patten said Friday in Skopje.

''If Macedonia reaches the agreement with IMF we will immediately give the country 20 million dollars. If the country meets the obligations from that deal we will support it with another 26 million after three months'', Patten said after meeting with Macedonian high-ranking officials.

02 Dec 2002 description
report Council of Europe

SG/Inf(2002)50 2 December 2002
October 2002 in Tirana

Political Overview

30 Nov 2002 description

Brenda Pearson

Macedonia's September 15 parliamentary elections were the first since the country narrowly avoided an all-out civil war with the brokering of the Ohrid Framework Agreement by the United States and the European Union (EU) in August 2001. Macedonia's future as a unitary state largely depends upon the successful implementation of the Framework Agreement. The underlying problems that sparked the seven-month conflict between ethnic Albanian insurgents and Macedonian security forces remain unresolved and could again erupt.

30 Nov 2002 description


The Macedonia Confidence Building Initiative (CBI) seeks to mitigate conflict by promoting citizen participation in decision-making, fostering effective and responsible local government, and increasing citizen access to balanced information and diverse points of view. Working with local non-governmental organizations, informal groups of citizens, media outlets and local government authorities, CBI brings together diverse groups of people to identify and meet common community needs.

22 Nov 2002 description

Appeal Target 1,525,119 CHF 2002 ; 1,291,73 CHF 2003
Period covered: July-October 2002
Last Programme Update issued : 03/09/2002

"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 91.1%

Related Appeals: N/A

Outstanding needs: Additional support is needed to carry out the social welfare activities (psycho-social support ) and the disaster response programme (procurement of hygiene parcels).

19 Nov 2002 description

Lawmakers on 18 November voted to form a standing Committee on Relations between Ethnic Communities, "Utrinski vesnik" reported the following day. The committee will include 19 members, including seven seats reserved for ethnic Macedonian legislators and seven for ethnic Albanian deputies. The Serbian, Vlach, Turk, Romany, and Bosnian minorities will each field one member. The interests of minorities not represented within the parliament will be represented by the national ombudsman.