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23 Jun 2009 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ As Tropical Storm Andres approached on the Pacific, the Mexican government Tuesday issued its first hurricane warning of the season.

According to the Miami-based US National Hurricane Centre, the storm - which was about 110 kilometres south of the southwestern Mexican port of Manzanillo on Tuesday - was forecast to grow into a hurricane Tuesday. Measures were implemented to protect the population in coastal areas.

Andres emerged in the early hours of Monday on the Pacific, near the Mexican coast.

07 May 2009 description

Stockholm_(dpa) _ Mexico, the United States and Canada still account for the majority of the 2,217 confirmed novel influenza A(H1N1) cases worldwide, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said Thursday.

Mexico had as of Thursday reported 1,112 confirmed cases, the United States had 745 and Canada had 201 cases.

"Globally the situation remained pretty much the same as what we have seen in the last updates," Denis Coloumbier, head of the ECDC preparedness and response unit, said at a briefing.

Compared to Wednesday, an additional 170 confirmed cases …

22 Jul 2008 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ The northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas was preparing for the worst Tuesday as tropical storm Dolly shifted northward from the Yucatan Peninsula.

Monday the storm was moving north-west over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Miami-based National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said.

21 Jul 2008 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ Over 1,000 people were evacuated early Monday from the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico as Tropical Storm Dolly entered the Gulf of Mexico.

The storm was moving north-west over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Miami-based National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said. A hurricane watch has been issued for part of the coast of the US state of Texas and for the Mexican coast north of San Fernando to the US border.

Sustained winds were close to 85 kilometres per hour. "Strengthening is forecast.

08 Nov 2007 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ Six bodies have been found and 25 people remained missing Thursday after a mudslide that buried the village of San Juan de Grijalva in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

In the neighbouring state of Tabasco, devastated by flooding in the past two weeks following heavy rains and where four people have died, the water level was slowly going down but many still remained stranded in their houses.

In San Juan de Grijalva, a mudslide fell into a river Sunday, displacing the flow and causing a gigantic wave that devastated the village.

07 Nov 2007 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ The rain returned Wednesday to the south-eastern Mexican states of Tabasco and Chiapas, where flooding for more than a week has left more than 400,000 people in emergency accommodation.

Close to half of Tabasco's 2.1 million people are living in very precarious conditions, despite receiving financial aid from private donors across Mexico, from the country's government and from abroad.

A third of the state capital, Villahermosa, remained flooded, with water up to 2 metres deep in some areas.

The city centre remained off-limits, under the Navy's …

04 Nov 2007 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ Flooding continued to cause chaos and despair Sunday in the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Some 80,000 people in 17 towns remained isolated by the floods.

02 Nov 2007 description

Mexico City_(dpa) _ Eighty per cent of the southern Mexican state of Tabasco was under water, Governor Andres Granier said while estimating that flooding there had affected half the state's 2.1 million residents and inundated about 800,000 people's homes.

In a radio and television address Thursday night, President Felipe Calderon called on his countrymen to help those affected, some of whom had lost all of their belongings, as he called the Tabasco flooding one of the worst natural disasters Mexico had ever seen.

18 Oct 2007 description

San Jose, Costa Rica_(dpa) _ Floods on Thursday continued to cause deaths and leave damage across Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico after days of heavy rains.

The Costa Rican government said Thursday 19 people had died in flooding and Wednesday declared a national state of emergency.

In Nicaragua, authorities said Thursday that the floods had claimed nine lives and six other people remained missing.

19 Aug 2007 description

Washington_(dpa) _ Hurricane Dean, the first big Atlantic storm of the season, pounded Jamaica overnight Sunday as it rolled through the Caribbean on a path for Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

Rated by the US National Weather Service at Category 4, the second highest rating on the hurricane severity scale, with maximum sustained winds near 230 kilometres per hour and higher gusts.

25 Oct 2005 description

Washington (dpa) - Florida residents faced a huge cleanup Tuesday after Hurricane Wilma ripped through the Sunshine State, killing at least four people, leaving millions without electricity and causing billions of dollars in damage.

Two men died from falling trees, a woman was killed by flying debris and another man died after a roof collapsed on him, The Miami Herald reported. Several other bodies have been found, but it was unclear whether those deaths were hurricane-related.

21 Oct 2005 description

Mexico City (dpa) - Hurricane Wilma inched toward Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula early Friday and battered the region with high winds and rains.

20 Oct 2005 description

Mexico City (dpa) - Hurricane Wilma threatened to roar into Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and its tourist spots as a devastating, top-speed storm after picking up renewed speed over the Caribbean.

Thousands were being evacuated from the region as the hurricane, packing top sustained winds near 240 kilometres an hour, spun slowly toward a brief landfall expected Friday. Wilma could cause "catastrophic damage'', said Max Mayfield, head of the U.S.

20 Oct 2005 description

Washington (dpa) - Hurricane Wilma has changed course slightly and is now expected to make a brief landfall in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.
The storm has weakened slightly, but remains a powerful hurricane with sustained winds of 230 kilometres per hour. Wilma is a Category 4 hurricane, the second highest on a standard scale, but is expected to strengthen further during the next 24 hours.

While earlier forecasts had predicted that Wilma would not make landfall until reaching Florida, a new model now has the storm hitting near the Cancun, a popular spot for tourists.

19 Oct 2005 description

Washington (dpa) - Hurricane Wilma rapidly picked up speed early Wednesday and has become the most intense storm on record in the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center said.

14 Oct 2005 description

Mexico City (dpa) - Mexicans in an area devastated by this month's heavy rains and flooding took to the streets Friday to demand faster government aid.

Some 3,000 protesters marched in the southern city of Tapachula, which was cut off by flooding after the border river with Guatemala burst its banks, sweeping away more than 2,000 ramshackle dwellings.

Protesters carried signs accusing the President Vicente Fox's government of failing to follow up on promises of quick help.

Days of heavy rain touched off by Hurricane Stan loosed mudslides and flooding on Guatemala, El …

10 Oct 2005 description

Mexico City/Guatemala (dpa) - Guatemalan authorities were set Monday to declare several buried villages as graveyards following a week of heavy rains that have devastated parts of Central America and Mexico and left thousands dead.

07 Oct 2005 description

Mexico City (dpa) - More than 200 people have died in Central America from flooding and mudslides triggered by the remnants of Hurricane Stan.

One mudslide in Guatemala killed 56 Thursday, bringing the death toll in that country to about 140. Hundreds of others were still reported missing in the area that was devastated by the torrential downpours.

Floods and mudslides have also killed at least 73 in El Salvador, 15 in Mexico and nine in Nicaragua. Tens of thousands of people had to flee their homes.

19 Jul 2005 description

Washington (dpa) - Hurricane Emily roared late Tuesday across the Gulf of Mexico as a "dangerous'' Category 3 storm, regaining strength and moisture over warm waters as it approached northern Mexico.

18 Jul 2005 description

Washington (dpa) - After chasing 20,000 tourists from their vacation idylls along Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, hurricane Emily lost some strength, dropping Monday to a category two on the five-level Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale as it reached maximum sustained winds of 160 kilometres per hour.