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02 Feb 2012 description

By Kent Paterson

History has not been kind to the indigenous Raramuri people of the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Pushed to remote mountains of a harsh land by Spanish and mestizo colonists, the Raramuri managed to hang on to their culture while eking out an existence based on rain-fed farming and small herd grazing. In recent decades their lands have been invaded again, this time by cattlemen, loggers, miners, dope growers, tourism developers, and soldiers.

18 Nov 2011 description

By Adam Isacson, Lisa Haugaard, Jennifer Johnson

The Latin America Working Group, the Center for International Policy and the Washington Office on Latin America release a new report on the Colombian experience of the past ten years, drawing out human rights and strategic lessons that are now relevant for U.S. policy toward Mexico and beyond.

15 Feb 2011 description

Posted on: 15/02/2011 by Kent Paterson - CIP Americas Program

February's freezing fury has left a path of crumpled crops, pummeled harvests and dashed dreams in the countryside of northern Mexico. Hardest hit was the northwestern state of Sinaloa, known as the"Bread Basket of Mexico," where about 750,000 acres of corn crops were reported destroyed after unusually cold temperatures blanketed the north of the country in January and early February.

Sinaloa is among Mexico's major producers of white corn, the variety of maize used to make staple tortillas.