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16 Jul 2018 description

Executive Summary

The year 2017 was poignantly marked by numerous humanitarian dramas around the world. From devastating natural disasters to deadly conflicts, Télécoms Sans Frontières has remained mobilised and adapted its response to the specific needs of the affected populations, introducing new and innovative means of providing communications aid.

10 May 2018 description

In recent years, the nature of South-North migration in the Americas has considerably evolved. A growing number of families and unaccompanied minors are fleeing violence, high rates of crime and natural disasters, turning what was previously considered as principally economic migration into a full-scale humanitarian crisis.

22 Sep 2017 description

Relatives are gathering around sites across the region where offices, schools and houses are no longer, in the hope that four days after the 7.1 Mw earthquake, their loved ones have managed to survive. As the search for survivors under the rubble in Mexico City and its surrounding areas continues, Télécoms Sans Frontières has commenced its route in the states of Morelos and Puebla to assist families and relief efforts.

20 Sep 2017 description

Measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale, Mexico's latest earthquake comes some 32 years to the day after the deadly quake of 1985. At present over 200 deaths have been reported, and considerable destruction observed across Mexico City and surrounding towns and villages.

A team from Télécoms Sans Frontières has been deployed in response to the disaster.

23 Sep 2013 description

TSF supports aid workers and the Mexican population

Since late last week, storms have inundated vast areas of Mexico, destroying infrastructure and triggering landslides which have affected over 100,000 people and more than 100 deaths. Télécoms Sans Frontières was contacted last Friday (20/09/2013) by the Mexican Red Cross to carry out an evaluation of the telecom situation. After discussions with collaborators on the ground, a team of TSF’s telecommunication experts arrived early on Sunday morning in Acapulco.

30 Nov 2007 description

Moins d'une semaine après s'être déployé en République Dominicaine suite au passage dévastateur de la tempête tropicale Nöel, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) a dépêché mercredi 7 novembre une équipe de spécialistes en télécommunications d'urgence au Mexique afin notamment de soutenir les équipes de l'Office de Coordination des Affaires Humanitaires des Nations Unies chargées des évaluations et de la coordination de l'aide humanitaire (UNDAC - United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) en raison des graves inondations qui touchent actuellement le pays.

Les …

26 Nov 2007 description

Deployed since last Thursday in Bangladesh, country which is facing the worst disaster in ten years, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) already set up two Emergency Communication Centres in Barisal, Pirojpur, and another one in Barguna held by the United Nations. These three cities are focal points for humanitarian aid coordination in cyclone Sidr affected regions.

Sidr, which hit the coast of Bangladesh on November 15th, killed at least 3 243 people according to a recent official toll.

12 Nov 2007 description

Menos de una semana después de haberse desplegado en Rep=FAblica Dominicana en respuesta al paso devastador de la tormenta tropical Noel, Télécoms Sans Frontieres (TSF) despachó, el miércoles 7 de noviembre, a un equipo de especialistas en telecomunicaciones de emergencia a México con el propósito de apoyar particularmente a los equipos UNDAC (UNDAC - United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) debido a las graves inundaciones que afectan actualmente el país.

Las serias inundaciones que golpean las regiones sudestes de México afectaron a más de un millón de personas y el 80 % …

07 Nov 2007 description

Pau, 7 November 2007 - Less than a week after deploying to respond to Tropical Storm Noel in the Dominican Republic, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) sent a crew of emergency telecommunication specialists on November 7 to Mexico to support the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination teams (UNDAC) in the aftermath of the heavy floods currently affecting the country.

Over one million inhabitants of the south-eastern states of Mexico have been affected by serious floods and 80% of the State of Tabasco is under water.