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01 Oct 2012 description

Violence perpetrated by criminal groups led to 5.6 million Latin Americans living in displacement in 2011, mainly in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru, according to a displacement monitoring center.

Read the full story on the Christian Science Monitor.

14 May 2012 description

No one will claim the recent massacre in Mexico was caused by a drought, but water shortages in the north of both Mexico and Brazil are aggravating already difficult situations, writes a blogger.

Read the full blog post by James Bosworth in the Christian Science Monitor.

09 Mar 2012 description

Some 2.5 million Mexicans are affected by this extreme drought, which could cause widespread hunger for years to come.

By Sara Miller Llana
San Luis de la Paz, Mexico

03 Dec 2011 description

President Calderon called it "terror;" Hilary Clinton called it "insurgency." But still, after 40,000 drug war deaths, the insecurity in Mexico doesn't meet the world standard for "terror."

By Whitney Eulich

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03 Dec 2011 description

Outwardly, life seems normal; but as drug war kidnappings, extortion, and violence brush closer to the average citizen, experts say, the mental terrain looks like post-traumatic stress.

By Sara Miller Lana

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21 Nov 2011 description

By Patrick Corcoran

Human Rights Watch provided a thorough critique of Mexico’s anti-crime policies, describing a growing pattern of abuses by security officials amid a backdrop of stratospheric levels of violence, but the government's response seems wrong-headed.

18 Oct 2011 description

The number of 'narco-refugees,' Mexicans trying to escape drug violence by seeking asylum in the US, increased almost 50-fold from 2006 to 2008.

By Patrick Corcoran

Violence driven by organized crime in Mexico and Central America has forced thousands from their homes, with some fleeing over international borders, though the situation has not reached anything like the level of displacement seen in Colombia.

11 Oct 2011 description

Schools in the city shut their doors for weeks after teachers became extortion targets for Mexican drug gangs.

By Patrick Corcoran

The targeting of teachers in the port city of Acapulco is a symptom of the increasing victimization of civilians by Mexico's drug gangs, and could spark a backlash.

26 Sep 2011 description

Thousands of people have disappeared without a trace amid the ongoing drug war in Mexico. Their families are now demanding action from the Mexican government.

By Sara Miller Llana

Veronica Coronilla said goodbye to her husband on March 21 as he set off from their home in rural Guanajuato in central Mexico with 22 other men to enter the United States illegally to find work. It was her husband's fifth trip, so Ms. Coronilla was not worried.

26 May 2011 description

The number of internally displaced people in Mexico pales in comparison to those forced to flee rural areas of Colombia, for example, but the number is growing.

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer / May 26, 2011

Mexico City Ghost towns are nothing new in Mexico. Entire villages have long been left empty, as residents with no way to make a living migrate to the US for jobs.

But now a force beyond mere economics is causing Mexicans to shutter their windows and flee: drug violence.

10 Feb 2011 description

Weather, inflation, and biofuels pushed the United Nations food price index to an all-time high in December, sparking concern over the poor being left with empty plates.

By Ben Arnoldy, Staff writer / February 10, 2011

New Delhi

Amid the stalls of neatly stacked vegetables at this city's Sarojini Market, Manju shops with her young granddaughter. Her bags have become lighter in recent months, as she's cutting back on the basics.

29 Sep 2010 description

Mexico landslide fears of large number of deaths, turned into relief Wednesday when officials said there were no confirmed deaths - contrary to initial reports of as many as 1,000.

By Sara Miller Llana

Panicked villagers in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico, awoke to a large crashing noise in the early hours of Tuesday - the sound of a hillside collapsing around them.

08 Feb 2008 description

Government response has been praised, but the poorest are still looking for work or new homes.

By Sara Miller Llana | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Villahermosa, Mexico - At first Socorro Osorio considered herself fortunate. When the flooding put nearly 70 percent of the state of Tabasco under water last November, many had no workplace the next morning. In her case, the home where she labored as a cleaning lady survived the flood.

But the single mother says she couldn't leave her three young children alone in their flooded home.

16 Nov 2007 description

As thousands remain homeless in Tabasco and business and agriculture suffer, many are pressing government to address extended support and future prevention efforts.

By Sara Miller Llana | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Mexico City - The floodwaters that have devastated Tabasco - at one point covering some 80 percent of the Mexican state - are finally receding.

But the challenges ahead are vast.

06 Nov 2007 description

Thousands are still living in shelters, but take boats back to retrieve valuables.

By Sara Miller Llana | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Villahermosa, Mexico - Down a street where the water has swallowed the cars and telephone booths, Eric Perez waits in a long line for a boat ride home.

The queue is for residents going to visit houses they were forced to abandon this past week, when floodwaters submerged most of the state of Tabasco. Their ferries are police or military boats or dinghies piloted by private citizens helping out.

05 Nov 2007 description

Flooding leaves some 1 million people homeless in the southern oil state of Tabasco.

By Sara Miller Llana | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

21 Aug 2007 description

Dean, moving west from Jamaica, is expected to hit the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula early Tuesday morning.

By Eloise Quintanilla | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - The usually lively Playa del Carmen, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, was silent and sober today as authorities evacuated tourists, shopkeepers boarded up windows, and families stocked up on food and water in anticipation of hurricane Dean, a Category 4 storm, making landfall.

Hurricane Dean is the first hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic storm season, and Mexican authorities …

24 Oct 2005 description

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

24 Jan 2003 description

After deadly 1985 quake, Mexico City officials educated public and trained workers.

By Gretchen Peters, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

MEXICO CITY - A major earthquake that struck Mexico Tuesday night could have been much worse. But authorities here credit a program initiated after a devastating 1985 temblor with saving thousands of lives over the past 15 years - including possibly many this week.