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13 Nov 2007 description



UMCOR remains in contact with partners in the Dominican Republic and Mexico to assist them in the initial phase of recovery from damage caused by Hurricane Noel. UMCOR has issued emergency grants and long-term recovery plans are underway with Action by Churches Together partners-as they further assess the situation.

In the Dominican Republic, UMCOR is working with the Evangelical Dominican Church to provide the people with food, medication and other needed items.

08 Nov 2007 description

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2007-Hurricane Noel's drenching rains wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and Mexico as sustained rains caused severe flooding across the Caribbean and Mexico. This deadliest storm of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season left deep needs in its wake.

UMCOR continues to build its response to this wide-reaching disaster. Already, UMCOR has issued emergency grants to partners in the Dominican Republic and Mexico to assist them in their initial responses.

06 Nov 2007 description


Mexico - Flood response

Please pray for the thousands of people affected by damaging floods from Hurricane Noel in the Mexican state of Tabasco. UMCOR is in contact with Action by Churches Together to assess the situation and is working on a plan of action. UMCOR will address the immediate humanitarian concerns as well as long-term recovery needs of those affected.

You can help UMCOR in its anticipated response by giving to Hurricanes 2007, UMCOR Advance # 982511

21 Aug 2007 description



Hurricane Dean tore through the Caribbean August 19-21. Jamaica and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula took the direct hit from Hurricane Dean after it had lashed the coastlines of Haiti, Belize and other Caribbean nations. This massive storm that struck Mexico as a rare category 5 hurricane weakened after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula, but may gain strength before it makes landfall again.

UMCOR is contacting partners in the region to determine its response.

06 Feb 2007 description


UMCOR is helping Central Florida residents recover from the violent storms and tornadoes that swept the region early last Friday morning. UMCOR is working with the Florida Annual Conference to provide relief and recovery assistance in the counties affected.

07 Nov 2006 description



UMCOR is working with the United Methodist Church in Yei, South Sudan, to provide lunches for school children. Families returning to the South after years of war are working to reestablish their lives from the ground up. The school nutrition program ensures that children who often walk long distances to go to school will receive a nutritious meal when they arrive.

26 Jul 2005 description


31 Jan 2003 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 31 Jan 2003

24 Jan 2003 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 24 Jan 2003

25 Oct 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 25 Oct 2002
Your contributions to the Hurricanes 2002, Advance #901185-6 help UMCOR respond to those whose lives are unalterably changed by disastrous hurricanes. At this writing, Hurricane Kenna is one of the strongest hurricanes to menace Mexico's Pacific Coast in 50 years. Thousands have already been evacuated in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

18 Oct 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 18 Oct 2002

04 Oct 2002 description

Millions of people in southern Africa require urgent humanitarian assistance, but the crisis doesn't end there. The lack of food in the south has also affected central African countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Three southern provinces of DRC--Katanga, East and West Kasai--have relied on southern African countries for 80 percent of their basic foodstuffs. Food shortages already exist in the DRC; people are liable to start dying from hunger within three months.

27 Sep 2002 description

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isidore has caused significant flooding and damage along the southern coast of the United States and in the Caribbean. The Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama-West Florida Conferences are doing assessments to determine the appropriate response of UMCOR's Domestic Disaster Response network. Flood buckets filled with cleaning supplies have been sent to the Slidell area of Louisiana. More buckets are needed for response to the impact of Isidore.

03 Apr 2001 description

Medicine Boxes continue to be needed in many places throughout the world. Current requests have been received from Mexico, Serbia, Mozambique, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
United Methodists have shown great enthusiasm for this project, but there is some confusion over the contents of a Medicine Box, and we need your help to clear it up. Many churches are still using the old Medicine Box Assembly guide--and there are significant differences:

14 Oct 1999 description

The United Methodist Committee on Relief is working in two flooded areas through the Methodist Church of Mexico. We have already dispatched the first response funds which are meant to allow those on-site to set-up shelters, provide food, water and other necessary items. Following that first release we are in contact with the people on-site to provide an assessment and request additional funds, personnel and material resources which may be required.