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26 Oct 1999 description

Bulletin No. 437/99

* The National Water Commission and the Federal Electricity Commission have made a supervision trip along the Grijalva River Hydroelectric System.

* A total of 561 rural roads have been reopened.

* The Mexican Army and Navy have reinforced aid work to increase support to the people affected by flooding.

* So far, there are no signs of epidemics.

In line with the instructions given by President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, aid work in the communities affected by the rains in various areas of Mexico, has been continued.

25 Oct 1999 description

MEXICO -- CWS continues to assist those recovering from floods and mudslides in Mexico through six local partners. We have provided 4,000 Clean-up Kits, 2,000 Health Kits, and $47,000 for blankets and bedding. CWS is seeking $100,000 to assist with relief and recovery efforts, including the provision of additional blankets, food, plastic sheeting, and other emergency supplies.

25 Oct 1999 description

Bulletin No. 435/99

  • Alert, prevention and relief measures continue for the people of the state of Tabasco.
  • The hydroelectric system of the Grijalva River is being permanently monitored; the additional controlled release from the Peñitas dam is within the technical parameters established.
  • Supplies and preventive barriers are being supported by the Army and Armed Forces of Mexico.
25 Oct 1999 description

By Heriberto Rodriguez

VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico (Reuters) - Flood waters were slowly rising in the Mexican state of Tabasco Sunday after weeks of torrential rain forced officials to open the gates of a dam that was filled to capacity.

The Gulf of Mexico state, streaked with some of the country's most important rivers, has been hard hit by flooding from heavy rains earlier this month that killed some 400 people and drove some 300,000 others from their homes across central and southern Mexico.

In the Tabasco capital Villahermosa, a city of some 460,000, 425 miles southeast of Mexico …

23 Oct 1999 description

Press Release 1821

Cuetzalan, Puebla, October 21, 1999.

El presidente Ernesto Zedillo exaltó el trabajo realizado por médicos, enfermeras y auxiliares de la salud, en apoyo a la población, durante los daños ocasionados por las lluvias.

22 Oct 1999 description
report Salvation Army

Salvationists from the México Command are helping victims of severe flooding which has claimed 400 lives and left more than a quarter of a million people homeless. The emergency canteen has taken food, clothing and water to Tulansingo, Hidalgo, one of the areas worst-hit by the floods. The town is only two hours away from Mexico City.

22 Oct 1999 description

Press Release 1821

Cuetzalan, Puebla, October 22, 1999.

22 Oct 1999 description

Comunicado No. 1821

Cuetzalan, Pue., octubre 22, 1999.

  • El presidente Zedillo visitó comunidades de la Zona Norte de Puebla afectadas severamente por las lluvias.
  • Constató tareas de auxilio en Cuetzalan, Zacapoaxtla, Xochitlán y Oriental.
  • Observó una situación distinta a la de hace apenas unos días.
  • El Gobierno de la Rep=FAblica donó 219 acémilas y 81 caballos al estado de Puebla para transportar víveres a las áreas incomunicadas.
21 Oct 1999 description
report Oxfam

La nueva crisis humanitaria obliga a la ONG a reformular algunos proyectos iniciados tras el paso del huracán Mitch.

20 Oct 1999 description

Bulletin No. 426/99

* The final damaged section of the Puebla-Tezuitlán highway has been provisionally reopened.

* The Department of Social Development (SEDESOL) is coordinating its efforts with the Mexican Army to increase supplies.

* No epidemics have been reported in the affected zones.

* 90% of the electricity supply has been restored.

Through the coordination of President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, aid to the population and the reconstruction of homes, schools, highways and rural roads has been continued.

19 Oct 1999 description


En Metztitlán, se propone al grupo de mando técnico la reasignación de rutas náuticas (no deben cubrir rutas cortas que ponen en riesgo los motores); se atenderán las comunidades más alejadas, dejando la cobertura de la comunidad de Tecruz de Cozapa que ya puede ser asistida mediante equipos menos sofisticados.

19 Oct 1999 description

Press Release 1818

Los Pinos, October 19, 1999

Cabinet members met with the President to report progress in relief efforts

Evaluation of the progress in relief efforts for the victims of flooding in Hidalgo, Veracruz, Puebla and Tabasco

President Ernesto Zedillo met tonight with the members of his cabinet who are on the Civil Protection Committee to evaluate the progress made in the various departments to aid victims of the floods in the states of Hidalgo, Veracruz, Puebla and Tabasco.

In the multiple use room of the official residence of Los Pinos, the President received …

18 Oct 1999 description
report InterAction

Press Contact:
Shanta Bryant, 202-667-8227 x127
NGO Contacts:
James Bishop, Director of Humanitarian Response, 202-667-8227, x104
Stephen Hricik, Senior Program Associate, x106

18 Oct 1999 description

MEXICO -- Torrential rains hit 10 states in southeastern Mexico earlier this month, causing floods and mudslides. The situation has worsened as rains continue. At least 425 people have been killed, and 270,000 have been driven from their homes. Thousands of acres of cropland have been destroyed.