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16 Feb 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


Ana Maria Buller; Amber Peterman; Meghna Ranganathan; Alexandra Bleile; Melissa Hidrobo; Lori Heise


17 Nov 2017 description

This report summarizes the findings emerging from a pilot initiative to support inclusive processes and methodologies for monitoring SDG16 in six countries: El Salvador, Georgia, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia and Uruguay. Additionally, this report presents information from Mexico, which was not part of the pilot initiative but simultaneously developed a similar methodology in coordination with these countries.

18 Dec 2015 description

Migration: Global Report on Journalism’s Biggest Test in 2015

17 December 2015

An international report on media and the global migration and refugee crisis, issued today to coincide with International Migrants Day (December 18), says journalists often fail to tell the full story and routinely fall into propaganda traps laid by politicians.

16 Mar 2015 description
Executive Summary

UNDP recognizes governance as a key unresolved issue in both the configuration and the reduction of disaster risk. With the aim of protecting development investments and ultimately building people’s resilience, UNDP has made strengthening disaster risk governance a cornerstone of its efforts to understand, reduce and manage risk.

03 Jul 2014 description

The Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative has issued a new report to help governments transition their economies successfully to climate compatible development.

A new report launched today by the Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative, pulls together the many tangible benefits that governments and communities are realising through the adoption of green growth policies.

10 Sep 2012 description


This paper is divided into three sections. The first section provides some historical background to the military conflict in Guatemala, the impact on indigenous communities, their exodus, resettlement and reception in Mexico. A review of the methodology used in the selection of participants in the community of La Gloria is complemented by demographic information and ethnic composition of these borderland communities.

19 Mar 2010 description

GLIDE TC-2009-000167-MEX

The International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) is a source of un-earmarked money created by the Federation in 1985 to ensure that immediate financial support is available for Red Cross Red Crescent response to emergencies.

02 Feb 2010 description


Phase I of the emergency operation finished at the end of January 2008, after a three-month humanitarian relief effort to assist the affected families. Assistance provided in this appeal by the Federation and its partners has supported the wider Mexican Red Cross (MRC) relief operation and has met all planned targets.

29 Mar 2005 description

The ruinous track of Hurricane Georges, September 20-26, and the even more devastating path of Hurricane Mitch, October 23 - November 3, 1998. A category 3 hurricane when it hit the Dominican Republic, Georges caused extensive damage as it moved slowly over some of the most populated and productive regions of the country. When Mitch struck Honduras the following month, it was a category 5 (the most intense on the hurricane scale). Though Mitch lost strength inland, its heavy rains caused catastrophic flooding and mudslides while it was stalled over Central America.

13 Mar 2002 description
report Swiss Re

Swiss Re's latest sigma study reports man-made and natural catastrophes claimed more than 33 000 lives worldwide in 2001. At USD 34.4 billion, the burden on property insurance due to catastrophe losses was extremely high - with an estimated USD 19 billion incurred by property and business interruption losses arising from the 11 September event. Furthermore, the insurance industry is having to cover liability and life insurance losses related to the attack which are estimated between USD 16.5 and 39 billion.

14 Dec 2001 description

The 2001 hurricane season was above average.

In December 2000 Professor William M Gray et al, forecasted that the 2001 hurricane season would be a below average hurricane season. However, at the beginning of the 2001 hurricane season, this team updated their forecast on June 07, 2001 to indicate that the season would be above average consisting of 12 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 3 intense hurricanes. The long-term averages are: Tropical Storms-10, Hurricanes-6 and Major Hurricanes-2. (NOAA, 2001).