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22 Sep 2018 description

Situation Summary

In 2018, as of 21 September, a total of 6,629 confirmed cases of measles, including 72 deaths, have been reported in 11 countries of the Region of the Americas: Antigua and Barbuda (1 case), Argentina (11 cases), Brazil (1,735 cases, including 10 deaths), Canada (22 cases), Colombia (85 cases), Ecuador (19 cases), Guatemala (1 case), Mexico (5 cases), Peru (21 cases), the United States of America (124 cases), and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (4,605 cases, including 62 deaths).

19 Sep 2018 description


 El embajador de Estados Unidos en el Perú, Krishna R. Urs, anuncia el aporte de $500 000 en fondos de USAID para respaldar las actividades sanitarias en el Perú en respuesta a la crisis regional por la situación de Venezuela

 Las organizaciones de salud registran más casos confirmados de sarampión y difteria en Venezuela, además de la propagación constante del sarampión a nivel regional

 Los gobiernos de acogida siguen revisando sus políticas de inmigración ante los movimientos poblacionales que se están produciendo

18 Sep 2018 description
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Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP)
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Technical annex - version 4

The full implementation of this version of the HIP is subject to the adoption of the decision amending Decision C(2017) 8863

AMOUNT: EUR 32 900 000

21 Aug 2018 description

For Immediate Release
Monday, August 20, 2018 Office of Press Relations
Telephone: +1.202.712.4320 | Email: press@usaid.gov

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Washington, DC
August 20, 2018

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: Good morning, everyone. Thank you, Dan, for that kind introduction and thanks to all of you for being here to help mark this very important occasion.

25 Jul 2018 description


In a complex and fast-changing world, we remain focused and resolute in pursuit of our goal – to provide the most appropriate, effective medicine in the harshest of environments. As well as responding to vital needs, our aid is born of a desire to show solidarity with people who are suffering, whether as a result of conflict, neglect or disease.

25 Jul 2018 description

Measles in the Americas: New epidemiological update

Washington, DC, 24 July 2018 (PAHO)- According to the latest epidemiological update from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), emitted on 20 July 2018, a total of 2472 confirmed cases of measles have been reported from 11 countries in the Americas so far this year.

The majority of the cases occurred in Venezuela (1613 cases) and Brazil (677), followed by the United States (91), Colombia (40), Canada (19), Ecuador (17), Argentina (5), Mexico (5), Peru (3), Antigua and Barbuda (1) and Guatemala (1).

19 Jul 2018 description
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Today MSF runs 468 projects in 71 countries. Over the years, our medical humanitarian organisation has expanded from a small group of doctors and journalists to a global movement with almost 40,000 staff. However, after 47 years of operations, our fundamental mission and values remain unchanged: to provide essential medical care for those who need it most, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

Our operations in Palestine are not as large as those in some other countries, however, they have always been significant.

05 Jul 2018 description

Low quality healthcare is increasing the burden of illness and health costs globally

5 July 2018 News Release Geneva

Poor quality health services are holding back progress on improving health in countries at all income levels, according to a new joint report by the OECD, World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank.

Today, inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities or practices, or providers who lack adequate training and expertise prevail in all countries.

23 May 2018 description

The economic crisis in Venezuela has led to a deterioration of the humanitarian conditions and increased humanitarian needs. Import restrictions and hyperinflation reduce availability and access to basic goods and services. The economic crisis is exacerbated by a political crisis revolving around the erosion of democratic institutions. While the number of people in need in Venezuela and the severity of need is unclear due to lack of data, surveys conducted by local organisations point to an increasingly dire situation.

16 May 2018 description
report World Bank

Arunma Oteh, Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank
Group of Friends of SDG Finance
New York, United States

As Prepared for Delivery

Good morning Excellencies, distinguished, Ladies and Gentlemen. First let me thank His Excellencies Ambassadors Blanchard and Rattray for their invitation to speak to you about innovative finance.

03 May 2018 description



Real world examples of technology and innovation being deployed to build a more resilient Africa in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were presented to the Economic and Social Council today as it concluded its annual three‑day integration segment.