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05 Dec 2017 description

119.4 M required for 2017
20.9 M contributions received, representing 17% of requirements
98.6 M funding gap for Latin America

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29 Nov 2017 description


Según lo revela el último informe del Consejo Noruego para Refugiados, en el 2014 más de 19 millones de personas tuvieron que abandonar sus hogares por inundaciones, tormentas y terremotos, que significa una cifra hasta cuatro veces superior a las migraciones por conflictos armados. El Panel Intergubernamental del Cambio Climá-tico (IPCC) asegura que para el año 2050 la cifra de desplazados ambientales puede alcanzar los 250 millones.

29 Nov 2017 description

Importance of environmental migration for Latin America

Latin America, along with the Saharan countries of Africa, is among the regions that are most fragile and vulnerable to the impact of climate change. The most vulnerable countries have been identified as Haiti, Guyana, Bolivia, Honduras and Guatemala. Projected variations in rainfall patterns will bring about changes in the water cycle, such as sudden floods, droughts and the consequent risk of forest fires.

20 Nov 2017 description

Key messages

Education is lifesaving. Education is crucial for both the protection and healthy development of girls and boys affected by crises. It can rebuild their lives; restore their sense of normality and safety, and provide them with important life skills. It helps children to be self-sufficient, to be heard, and to have more influence on issues that affect them. It is also one of the best tools to invest in their long-term future, and in the peace, stability and economic growth of their countries.

02 Nov 2017 description

119.0 M required for 2017

20.2 M contributions received, representing 13% of requirements

98.8 M funding gap for Latin America

All figures are displayed in USD

28 Oct 2017 description

The number of Venezuelans seeking asylum has risen yearly since 2014.
Between 2014 and 2017, over 100,000 asylum claims were lodged, half of which in 2017 alone (as of September).

Many Venezuelans who have left their country are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, violence and forced to seek alternative coping mechanisms. This is particularly the case in border areas where services are limited and insecurity is high.

26 Oct 2017 description

The global burden of Improvised Explosive Devices

Iain Overton and Jennifer Dathan

There is no day that goes past without the impact of an improvised explosive device (IED) making headlines around the world. Of all explosive weapons used, the IED is the most widespread, the most harmful and the most pernicious. Based on the belief that to overcome a problem, we must first understand it, this monitor is a small step in seeking to address the terrible realities of today.
It is a monitor that is, also, a response to a call to action.

25 Oct 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

MÉXICO, 24 oct 2017 (IPS) - Difíciles de medir y desiguales en sus alcances son los avances que exhibirán los países de América Latina, respecto a sus compromisos voluntarios de reducción de emisiones contaminantes, durante la cumbre climática que acogerá en noviembre la ciudad alemana de Bonn.

Las llamadas contribuciones determinadas a nivel nacional (NDC, en inglés) se consideran en conjunto insuficientes para la meta de estabilizar el aumento de la temperatura planetaria a dos grados centígrados.

18 Oct 2017 description

By Julio Berdergué, FAO Regional Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Pablo Aguirre, technical advisor of the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

17 Oct 2017 description
report European Union

On Monday 16 October 2017 the Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights And Democracy in the World in 2016.

2016 was a challenging year for human rights and democracy, with a shrinking space for civil society and complex humanitarian and political crises emerging. In this context, the European Union showed leadership and remained strongly committed to promote and protect human rights and democracy across the world.

03 Oct 2017 description

Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme

Overview of UNHCR’s operations in the Americas

A. Situational context including new developments

Colombia situation

03 Oct 2017 description

The North of Central America suffers high levels of violence stemming from gangs and other organized criminal groups.

This insecurity is compelling an increasing number of persons - often entire families - to flee their homes, within their countries or to nearby countries.

All countries in the region are affected by these movements and a regional response is therefore of paramount importance.


02 Oct 2017 description

118.1 M required for 2017

14.8 M contributions received, representing 13% of requirements

103.3 M funding gap for Latin America

28 Aug 2017 description

Bogota, 28 August 2017 - Venezuela is now experiencing one of the most difficult moments in its recent history, not only politically, but also economically, and socially. This situation has provoked a generalized crisis that questions any guarantee of the effective enjoyment of fundamental rights by the people that live there, not only of civil and political rights, but also of economic and social rights.

28 Aug 2017 description

Resumen de la situación en las Américas

Desde la semana epidemiológica (SE) 44 de 2016 ningún nuevo país o territorio de las Américas confirmó transmisión autóctona vectorial de Zika; por lo que se mantiene en 48 el número de países y territorios de las Américas que confirmaron casos autóctonos por transmisión vectorial de Zika y en cinco el número de países que notificaron casos de Zika transmitidos sexualmente (Figura 1).

26 Aug 2017 description

Situation Summary in the Americas

Since epidemiological week (EW) 44 of 2016, no additional countries or territories of the Americas have confirmed autochthonous, vector-borne transmission of Zika virus disease. To date, 48 countries and territories in the Americas have confirmed autochthonous, vectorborne transmission of Zika virus disease, while five countries have reported sexually transmitted Zika cases.

North America

16 Aug 2017 description

Washington, D.C. - La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) celebró el 163 Período Extraordinario de Sesiones en Lima, del 3 al 7 de julio de 2017, a invitación del Estado Peruano. Se realizaron 18 audiencias sobre situaciones de derechos humanos en Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, México y Venezuela. La Comisión Interamericana agradece a los Estados y la sociedad civil su activa participación en las audiencias.

A continuación se presentan reseñas de las audiencias en el orden cronológico en el que fueron realizadas.

16 Aug 2017 description

Washington, D.C. - The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) held its 163rd special session in Lima, Peru, on July 3-7, 2017, at the invitation of the Peruvian State. It held 15 public hearings on human rights situations in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Venezuela; two regional hearings; and one private hearing on Venezuela. The Inter-American Commission thanks the States and civil society for their active participation in the hearings.

Below are summaries of the hearings in the chronological order in which they took place.