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20 Mar 2018 description
report World Bank

Climate change is emerging as a potent driver of internal migration. The report Groundswell: Preparing for Internal Climate Migration (2018) projects that, by 2050, without concrete climate and development action, just over 143 million people—or around 3 percent of the population across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and South Asia—could be forced to move within their own countries to escape the slow-onset impacts of climate change.

20 Mar 2018 description

For years, Honduras has been characterised as one of the most violent countries in the world. Living under a constant threat in violent neighbourhoods, many Hondurans have to move or they become displaced. Many seek asylum in neighbouring countries or cross their borders in search of safety. The context in Honduras has been equated to that of a conflict situation, because of its severe impact on the population. Children and youth are particularly affected, as they are forced into gang activities, drop out of school and face death threats if they refuse to join a gang.

18 Mar 2018 description

Bogotá (mar. 16/18). El Presidente Juan Manuel Santos y la Canciller María Ángela Holguín se reunieron este viernes en la Casa de Nariño con el Comisario europeo de Ayuda Humanitaria y Gestión de Crisis, Christos Stylianides y el Secretario de Estado de Cooperación Internacional para Iberoamérica y el Caribe de España, Fernando García Casas.

17 Mar 2018 description

Bruxelles, le 17 mars 2018

À l'occasion d'un voyage officiel en Colombie pour visiter des projets soutenus par l'UE et rencontrer des représentants du gouvernement, M. Christos Stylianides, commissaire chargé de l'aide humanitaire et de la gestion des crises, a annoncé aujourd'hui une enveloppe de 31 millions d'euros consacrée à l'aide humanitaire et à la préparation aux catastrophes en Amérique latine et dans les Caraïbes.

17 Mar 2018 description

Brussels, 17 March 2018

During an official visit to Colombia to visit EU aid projects and meet with government officials, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides has announced today €31 million for humanitarian aid and disaster preparedness for Latin America and the Caribbean.

14 Mar 2018 description


↗ International prices of wheat and maize increased further in February, mainly supported by weather-related concerns and currency movements. Export price quotations of rice also continued to strengthen, although the increases were capped by subsiding global demand for Indica supplies.

↗ In East Africa, in the Sudan, prices of the main staples: sorghum, millet and wheat, continued to increase in February and reached record highs, underpinned by the removal of the wheat subsidies and the strong depreciation of the Sudanese Pound.

09 Mar 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 10,949 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea through the first nine weeks of 2018, with just under 51 percent arriving in Italy and the remainder divided between Greece (27%) Spain (22%) and Cyprus (less than 1%). This compares with 20,051 arrivals across the region through the same period last year.

07 Mar 2018 description



A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Oaxaca, Mexico, a region still recovering from significant damages after a September 2017 earthquake that killed hundreds.

Flooding in Guatemala and Panama and heavy rainfall in Honduras caused significant damage to homes and crops.
National authorities have responded by delivering food and dry goods to those affected.


07 Mar 2018 description

7 March 2018

Distinguished President,
Colleagues, Friends,

A few days ago, we celebrated the centenary year of Nelson Mandela’s birth. We spoke of his example; his fortitude, his suffering and compassion, while recalling also the declaration that he and my predecessor Mary Robinson signed in 2000 on diversity and tolerance.

07 Mar 2018 description
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AMÉRICA LATINA Y EL CARIBE - Panorama Humanitario: Enero - Febrero 2018



Un terremoto de magnitud 7,2 sacudió Oaxaca, México, una región que aún se recupera de daños masivos después de un terremoto en septiembre de 2017 que dejo a cientos de muertos.

Inundaciones en Guatemala y Panamá y fuertes lluvias en Honduras causaron daños a hogares y cultivos.
Las autoridades nacionales han respondido entregando alimentos y otros materiales de socorro.


06 Mar 2018 description

La Alta Comisionada Adjunta elogió a quienes brindan protección a las personas más vulnerables que huyen de la violencia en Centroamérica.

EL CEIBO, Guatemala, 6 de marzo de 2018 (ACNUR) - Durante casi una década, Andrés Toribio y su esposa han abierto su hogar, en la frontera de Guatemala y México, a personas que huyen de la violencia en Centroamérica, sabiendo que el camino hacia la seguridad puede ser peligroso.

06 Mar 2018 description

Deputy High Commissioner hails shelters that provide protection for the most vulnerable people on the move in Central America.

By UNHCR staff | 06 March 2018

EL CEIBO, Guatemala - For nearly a decade, Andrés Toribio and his wife opened their home on the Guatemala-Mexico border to provide shelter and protection for people fleeing violence in Central America, knowing that the route to safety can be dangerous.

01 Mar 2018 description

Global Overview FEBRUARY 2018

01 Mar 2018 description

La Red de sistemas de alerta temprana contra la hambruna (FEWS NET, por sus siglas en inglés) monitorea las tendencias de los precios de los alimentos básicos en los países que son vulnerables a la inseguridad alimentaria.

01 Mar 2018 description

The main staple foods produced and consumed throughout most of Central America and the Caribbean are maize, rice, and beans; the latter constituting a key source of protein for poor households. In Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua white maize, mostly consumed in the form of tortillas, and red or black beans are preferred, while in Costa Rica and Panama rice dominates in production and consumption. In Haiti, the primary staples are rice, black beans, and maize.

23 Feb 2018 description


  • The MIRPS has been developed through government-led consultations with all stakeholders, including persons of concern, UN country teams, civil society, the private sector and academia acquiring a whole-of-society approach. Regional networks and organizations complement the national action plans and set up regional and global responsibility-sharing mechanisms to bring a regional dimension to the MIRPS.

22 Feb 2018 description

GENEVA (20 February 2018) - UN human rights experts have called on the United States to urgently address the situation of hundreds of thousands of migrants who arrived in the country as children and now face possible expulsion.

20 Feb 2018 description
report La Prensa

Casas de acogida en Guatemala y México senalan que desde diciembre han incrementado las atenciones a indocumentados. En Honduras reportan que 300 personas emigran al día.

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