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04 Mar 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

En Ucrania, Filipinas y Brasil se registraron los mayores aumentos de casos de sarampión entre 2017 y 2018. Solamente en Ucrania se registraron 35.120 casos de sarampión en 2018. Según el gobierno, otras 24.042 personas contrajeron la infección solamente en los dos primeros meses de 2019. En Filipinas, en lo que va de año, se han registrado 12.736 casos de sarampión y 203 muertes777, en comparación con los 15.599 casos que se produjeron durante todo el año en 2018.

02 Mar 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

En 2018, les trois quarts de l’augmentation totale des cas de rougeole concernaient dix pays, avec notamment des épidémies importantes au Brésil, à Madagascar, aux Philippines, en Ukraine et au Yémen.

NEW YORK, le 1er mars 2019 – Le nombre de cas de rougeole dans le monde atteint des niveaux préoccupants, en particulier dans dix pays qui représentent plus de 74 % de l’augmentation totale et dans plusieurs autres où l’on considérait jusqu’ici que la maladie avait disparu, avertit l’UNICEF aujourd’hui.

01 Mar 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

Ten countries accounted for approximately three-quarters of the total increase in measles in 2018, including significant outbreaks in Brazil, Madagascar, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Yemen

NEW YORK, 1 March 2019 – UNICEF warned today that global cases of measles are surging to alarmingly high levels, led by ten countries accounting for more than 74 per cent of the total increase, and several others that had previously been declared measles free.

Countries with ten highest increases in cases between 2017 & 2018[1]

30 Nov 2018 description
infographic UN Children's Fund

Eastern Europe and Central Asia is one of only two regions where overall HIV prevalence has not declined in recent years. The 19,000 new HIV infections among people aged 15–24 in 2017 was only about 9 per cent smaller than the 2010 figure, as opposed to other regions where reductions up to 25 per cent have been observed. Adolescents’ vulnerability is also signalled by a region-wide ART coverage rate of just 37 per cent among all people living with HIV over the age of 14, a rate far below the global one of 59 per cent.

30 Dec 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

In 2017, children in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) will face continued risks related to armed conflicts, economic stagnation and political and social instability. In eastern Ukraine, children are facing the consequences of a three-year conflict that is overwhelming social services and protection systems. In Turkey, unprecedented numbers of refugee, migrant and other highly vulnerable children are challenging the capacities of government services.

21 Apr 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Low public spending, ineffective social protection policies and programmes are hampering progress for children in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

GENEVA, 20 April 2016 — Children who are falling furthest behind in society benefit the most when countries invest in more effective social protection, according to a new UNICEF Report launched today.