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03 Dec 2013 description
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General Situation during November 2013
Forecast until mid-January 2014

26 Nov 2013 description

The number of Syrian refugees who received medical and surgical services in the Moroccan field hospital in Zaatari camp, North-east of Jordan, reached 215.207 persons between Aug.10, 2012 and Aug.10, 2013.

According to statistics compiled by the hospital administration, the children were on the top of those who were extended health services with (101,713) children, followed by (60,570) women and (53,437) men.

26 Nov 2013 description

When Hajj Hatem learned that his son-in-law had died, and that his pregnant daughter and two grandchildren could not leave Dammaj because of the fighting, he vowed that he would travel there from his home in Morocco and lead them to safety.

22 Nov 2013 description
report UN Women

(New York, 22 November) - The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) today announced USD 8 million in grants to 17 initiatives in 18 countries and territories. First-time grant recipients include organizations from Antigua and Barbuda, Mauritania, Myanmar and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244). These new grants are expected to reach 2.3 million beneficiaries between 2014 and 2017.

17 Oct 2013 description

Le Comité spécialisé du Conseil d’Administration de l’AFD pour l’appui aux initiatives des ONG s’est réuni le 15 octobre 2013. Il a approuvé l’attribution des subventions suivantes :

Plan international France – Améliorer la santé maternelle et infantile au Togo

04 Oct 2013 description

Résumé analytique

Les responsables des Instituts statistiques nationaux ont convenu, dans la Déclaration d’Accra de 2008, d’intégrer le PCI dans leurs travaux statistiques usuels. Un PCI annuel à grande échelle n’étant pas envisageable pour la plupart des pays, la BAD a développé un programme réduit visant à faire des mises à jour annuelles des dernières comparaisons de référence et à aider les pays à renforcer leurs capacités statistiques dans les domaines clés de la comptabilité nationale et des statistiques de prix.

24 Sep 2013 description
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Syria Crisis: A Crisis for Arab Development

New York — With around 800 days left until the target date for achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), today the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) along with the League of Arab States and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) launched a report showing that recent turmoil in the Arab region imperils progress towards the goals across the Arab world.

10 Sep 2013 description
report CARE

CARE International launches report in Geneva on Thursday, September 12 at side event of the 24th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Geneva, September 10, 2013. Aid agency CARE International launches a new report showing research findings on women’s participating in the Arab spring and outlining how international donor policy needs to adapt to the changing context across the Arab region in the wake of the Arab Spring.

02 Sep 2013 description


Climate change has and will continue to have far-reaching impacts on environmental, social and economic conditions, which people and governments will be forced to adapt to.
Increasingly, climate change and the associated increase in the frequency of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and rising sea level is recognized as not only having humanitarian impacts, but also creating political and security risks that can affect national/regional stability and the welfare of people.

26 Aug 2013 description
report UNIDO

VIENNA, 26 August 2013 – LI Yong, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and Ambassador Thomas Greminger, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations in Vienna, have signed letters of agreement on the funding of UNIDO programmes and projects to help improve market access for food products produced in Tunisia and Morroco, and to strengthen the trade capacity of Indonesia’s fisheries export sector.

26 Aug 2013 description


  • The Sahel crisis, with more than 11 million food insecure persons, has entered its peak with the ongoing lean season when poor households’ food stocks are exhausted and people face food shortages and high food prices until the next harvest in September.

  • The food security situation in northern Mali, northern Nigeria and neighbouring countries, where coarse grain prices continue to increase, are of particular concern.

19 Aug 2013 description

A la suite des graves inondations qui ont frappé la République du Soudan et tout particulièrement la région de Khartoum, Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI, que Dieu L’assiste, a décidé l’envoi d’une aide destinée aux populations sinistrées.

Cette aide, d’un montant de près de 5 millions de dirhams, a été mobilisée par l’Agence marocaine de Coopération Internationale et les Forces Armées Royales (FAR), précise un communiqué du Cabinet Royal.

19 Aug 2013 description
report Sudan Tribune

August 17, 2013 (KHARTOUM) – The governor of Khartoum state, Abdel-Rahman Al-Khidir, said on Saturday that an estimated 17.000 families have been affected by the heavy rains and floods which swept the state last week.

Al-Khidir, who was speaking at a press conference on Saturday, announced that his government would provide support which will suffice the affected families for 35 days.

18 Aug 2013 description


• Heavy rains and flooding in Sudan since early August have affected over half a million people in 16 States (plus Abyei), according to the Government.

• Khartoum State is the hardest hit State, with an estimated 36,000 houses either totally destroyed or damaged by the floods.

• Tens of thousands of people of South Sudanese origin in open air departure points in Khartoum have been particularly badly affected by the floods.

15 Aug 2013 description

15-08-2013 Introduction

La délégation régionale de Tunis couvre la Tunisie et le Maroc / Sahara occidental. Ses activités principales sont les visites aux personnes privées de liberté en Tunisie, la réponse aux conséquences humanitaires du conflit au Sahara occidental, le rétablissement du contact entre les membres de familles dispersées et la promotion du droit international humanitaire. . Protection des détenus

12 Aug 2013 description

Welcome to the August issue of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Dataset (ACLED) Conflict Trends. Each month, ACLED researchers gather, analyse and publish data on political violence in Africa in realtime. Realtime conflict event data is published through our research partners at Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) where it is updated monthly.

09 Aug 2013 description


  • Above average cereal harvest in 2013 following timely and adequate rainfall

  • Wheat imports expected to decrease in 2013/14

  • Food inflation remains moderate