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14 Oct 2019 description
report European Union

The ‘Messina model’ can be understood as the practical modus operandi that was developed, applied and tested in Messina, Sicily during the Seawatch 3 disembarkation / voluntary relocation in March 2019.

This model has subsequently been applied in several other disembarkations / voluntary relocations in / from Malta and Italy and has proved to be a robust but flexible mechanism. Three of these operations are still on-going (Ocean Viking in Malta and Open Arms and Eleanor in Italy).

11 Oct 2019 description

In the last few weeks, some progress has been made on the temporary arrangements for disembarkation and relocation in the Mediterranean, first at a special meeting in Valletta and at the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg on Tuesday. ECRE offers a cautious welcome to these developments: welcome because there are more positive than negative elements but cautious because undesirable points still find their way in. The agreement now needs to be finalised and expanded.

The Coalition and the Agreement

30 Sep 2019 description

Total Population Northern Europe: 33,121,044

Total number of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons in Northern Europe (2017): 766,019

08 Mar 2019 description

Total Population Northern Europe: 33,121,044

Total number of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons in Northern Europe (2017): 788,717

28 Feb 2019 description


The Central and South-Eastern Europe Country Cluster is managed from Budapest and covers 16 National Societies (Albania,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia) and Kosovo, where there is no recognised National Society. The cluster is highly diverse, with Red Cross National Societies tailoring their support to vulnerable people based on the local context and needs.

08 Feb 2019 description

Kyiv – For the fifth consecutive winter, bitter sub-zero temperatures pose health and life-threatening challenges for the conflict-affected people in eastern Ukraine. The elderly, comprising 30 per cent of those affected, suffer most. The humanitarian community is striving to provide winterization assistance to the most vulnerable people in Ukraine’s Eastern Conflict Area.

07 Feb 2019 description

Protracted complex emergencies and natural disasters, including drought, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Between FY 2009 and FY 2018, USAID’s Office of U.S.

08 Jan 2019 description

About us

Since 1950, UNHCR has protected the lives and rights of millions of people and helped them rebuild their futures. UNHCR has a unique mandate to protect and assist refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people. We are working globally to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and get to safety, when they have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, violence or persecution.

19 Dec 2018 description

Stockpiles of excess, poorly-secured, or otherwise at-risk conventional weapons continue to pose a challenge to peace and prosperity worldwide. In the wrong hands, SA/LW fuel political instability and violence, while more advanced conventional weapons, such as MANPADS, pose a serious threat to international security. Aging munitions stockpiles may also explode without warning, devastating nearby population centers. Meanwhile, landmines and ERW, including cluster munition remnants, artillery shells, and mortars, continue to kill and maim people even after conflicts end.

27 Sep 2018 description

Total Population Northern Europe:

Total number of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons in Northern Europe (2017):

13 Apr 2018 description

Push for transfers at any cost – the Dublin system in 2017

The 2017 Dublin Update, published by the Asylum Information Database, releases figures for 18 European countries revealing an increase in transfers in the aftermath of European Union and domestic political commitments for a stricter enforcement of the Dublin system.

14 Mar 2018 description


During 2017, almost 38,900 refugees were submitted by UNHCR for resettlement1 to 25 countries in Europe,2 36% more than during 2016 and over three times greater than the average rate of 12,400 submissions per year during the last decade.
Between 2007 and 2016, Europe’s proportion of resettlement sub-missions globally has increased from approximately 9% to more than 18%, and in 2017 reached 52%. This is primarily due to a significant decrease globally in new submissions for resettlement, most notably to the United States of America.

12 Mar 2018 description

33,154 Total persons relocated

21,710 Relocated from Greece (33% of 66,400 originally foreseen)

11,444 Relocated from Italy (29% of 39,600 originally foreseen)

07 Feb 2018 description


26 Jan 2018 description

The research paper ‘Follow the Money: Assessing the use of AMIF funding at the national level’ by ECRE and UNHCR, provides a thorough and critical analysis of the €3.1 billion Asylum, Migration & Integration Fund (AMIF) established by the EC for the period of 2014-20. The AMIF aims to contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and to the implementation and development of a common European approach to asylum and migration.

10 Jan 2018 description
  • 176,042 Total arrivals to Europe

  • 164,754 Total arrivals to Europe by sea

  • 11,288 Total arrivals to Europe by land