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13 Jul 2015 description

Conciliation Resources is undertaking an Accord project on the peace process in Nepal and will produce an Accord Nepal publication in summer 2016 which will be edited by Anagha Neelakantan. Ahead of the project Alexander Ramsbotham and Judith Large explore some insights that Nepal may be able to draw from Aceh and Sri Lanka.

Challenges in Nepal

31 Dec 2008 description


Incentives and sanctions are used by external actors to try to stop armed conflicts in the short term. But are they effective in promoting peace? This research by Conciliation Resources argues that these instruments are often not used as part of a broader strategy aimed at resolving conflict. They are often a confused mix of coercion and assistance, which neither force nor encourage the conflict parties towards a negotiated settlement.

30 Jun 2005 description

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

As Clausewitz observed, war is politics by other means. Negotiations are a form of politics, but without some real or perceived symmetry of power they will be an exercise in one side imposing its will on the other. Power - i.e. the ability of one party to move the other in an intended direction - is constituted by military resources, economic leverage, international legitimacy, the moral basis of one's position, mass support, leadership, etc.